Is This “Real Life?”

Well, hello there!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been MIA now for quite some time.

I started my new job three weeks ago and am loving it! It is definitely taking some adjusting though getting my life into a new routine. Here are some of the changes:

  • Working 8-5:30 leaves little time to do much else (obvious, I know)
  • I’m having to wake up around 4:30-5 am to do my running and BodyPump in the morning. I could exercise after work, but I know myself… and I know that after work all I want to do is eat dinner and walk Teddy. So the chances of me working out at that time are pretty slim. Since I highly value exercise, I make time for it before I head out for work with all the other crazies!
  • Less time with my pets. This one makes me sad because I don’t ever want my beloved animals to feel like I don’t love them… that couldn’t be further from the truth!
  • Less time with Paul. We now both have full time jobs, which is AWESOME! But we have found out that we need to actually schedule time to see each other or it won’t happen.
  • I find myself being too exhausted to blog when I do have some minimal free time. Which is a shame because it’s something that I enjoy. I have all of these posts that I want to write {Garth Brooks concert recap, an oatmeal pumpkin spice cookie recipe that I came up with, a “pupdate”, our trip to the fair, etc} and I have yet to even download the pictures….
  • Simple errands take some major planning. Things like going to the grocery store and bank that used to be easy are now a huge hassle. There is only one hour a week that my bank is open and I am not working. So if I need to go, that’s my only chance for the week!

There’s a little glimpse into how my life has changed this fall. Different is not necessarily a bad thing and once I make these changes a habit, it’ll be all good :) In the meantime, I will try my best to write some more on here! I value each and every one of my readers {thank you!} and haven’t forgotten about you!

Have a great night!


  • Has your life changed drastically lately? How so?
  • Are you able to workout after work? Or do you prefer early like me?

Weekend Happenings

This weekend I did a lot and not much all at the same time. Not sure how that happens, but it totally did!

After my long run on Saturday morning, I spent most of my time hanging out with my dogs because I’m cool like that. {Who needs people? ;)} Paul and I also attended our friends’ Couple Shower for their upcoming wedding, which was a lot of fun.


A late afternoon full of hors d’oeuvres on a lakefront was the shower setting. Everything was super cute. The hostesses spared no detail! From the delicious food and country chic decorations down to the cake and gift time, all aspects were planned!



I really like the idea of a Couple Shower as opposed to a Bridal Shower. It’s not fair to the groom when the bride gets to open all of their joint gifts! As you are about to enter upon a union, it seems only fitting that the first celebration should be about the couple as a whole, not just each member separately. I’m glad this is becoming a popular “thing” to do!

I am so looking forward to their wedding day in a little over a month! Love is in the air!



On Sunday night, Paul had planned to take me out to celebrate my new job! {I still get giddy thinking about it! SO EXCITED} I had chosen a delicious Italian restaurant that my mom and I enjoy, Mama Lucia’s. Paul and I had been there together for one of our “Sunday Brunchdays” but he had never been for dinner. After going to Italy this past May, I still say Mama Lucia’s has better food than Italy! Their Chicken Pesto pasta dish is to die for. Yum.

When we arrived for dinner, Paul told me that he had secretly invited Meagan and Cooper to join us! I couldn’t believe it! I adore surprises and was happy our friends could join us!

We ate until we were stuffed and mostly talked about our puppies… shocking! Not. They’re just such a huge source of entertainment! Actually, for the Couple Shower, I also included a gift basket for Milo {he was one of the puppies from our litter} because he is part of their family. Can’t forget him!

Best friends


Between Cooper, Meagan, Paul, and I, we all have gotten our first full-time jobs in the past 4 months. It’s an exciting time in our lives’, that much I know!


Now, about those dogs. This weekend Teddy ruled the roost. We went on a walk, played, and even folded laundry together. Well… kind of!

Teddy and her teddy bear

Teddy and her teddy bear

Princess of the pillows

Princess of the pillows

I love this pretty girl!

I love this pretty girl!

"Mommy, why are you taking my bed away piece by piece? It is warm and smells so clean!"

“Mommy, why are you taking my bed away piece by piece? It is warm and smells so clean!”


  • What did you do this weekend? Anything fun?
  • Bridal Shower vs. Couple Shower? Opinions?

Best. Morning. Ever.

Hi friends!

This morning began as most, with a canine wake-up call in the form of barking. Crazy dogs.

I woke up half an hour before I planned, and since I am incapable 90% of the time of falling back asleep once I am up, I decided to roll with it.


My decision to makeup the 5 mile run I missed yesterday happened last night. I have the hardest time working out in the afternoon or evening and just swapped rest/run days. Morning is my go-time! The reason I didn’t get around to running yesterday was because I had to wait up for the AC repair guy. He was here from 9:30-12:00 magically making our air work again {hallalujah}.

Anyway, I left the house at 7:00 and it was still nearly pitch-black outside. That really bothers me. If I were in charge of creating the universe {which I clearly am NOT} it would be bright and sunny everywhere in the world at 6:00 am. All year round…

Can you see me now, cars?

Can you see me now, cars?

As you can see, I was sporting my awesome glow running bracelet that my mom gave me as a Christmas stocking stuffer! It’s never smart to be invisible to cars! I only had to have it lit up for the first 20 minutes, then it started to slowly get lighter out.

I ran a total of 5.35 miles. The first 4 were an easy pace {for me around 10:45} and the 5th mile was race pace {9:30}.

garmin watchThe reason my min/mile average is so slow is because I walked the 0.35 miles back to my house rather slowly when I finished. I wanted to keep my watch on to get an accurate calorie count though.


Following my run, I took a quick shower, changed my clothes, and ate a little breakfast.

biscuit and eggs


For my post-run, pre-BodyPump breakfast, I had two scrambled eggs with Vermont sharp white cheddar cheese along with a biscuit leftover from last night, and a glass of vanilla almond milk {that was mostly gone by the time I took this picture. ha!} Some protein+ carbs= perfect.

workout clothes


My second workout outfit was my favorite Reebok shorts, Nike 5.0 shoes, and Kiava top {the back is really neat!} I had to shower and change because I was completely drenched from my run. Yay 99% humidity.

I completed the BodyPump workout on the stage as a shadow. It was a tough class! My legs were definitely done for!

I felt super accomplished after both training cardiovascular-ly as well as strength this morning!


Following an errand after the gym, I noticed that I had a missed call and message. I am notorious about forgetting to turn my ringer back on after going to the gym. Whoops!

The phone call was from a company I interviewed with last week for a full-time position. She was calling to tell me they were offering me the job!

I accepted without hesitation and am absolutely over-the-moon happy! I haven’t talked about it much, but I have been applying to a ridiculous amount of jobs the past few months. It’s such a difficult process {especially when you are applying with no experience in the field you wish to work}. I am so thrilled that I will be working full-time soon! Finally! I am beyond ready!!



  • Anyone else have a hard time finding a job when you don’t have experience?
  • Do you exercise better in the morning or evening?


BodyPump Video

Long time, no talk!

I’ve been horrible lately. I apologize about that. It’s been pretty crazy around here lately {as usual…}


This past weekend I hit a pretty big milestone, I taped my BodyPump video to be reviewed by Les Mills. This was on Sunday evening, so I pretty much spent all of last week stressing myself out and practicing a million times {hence lack of blogging}. As you might imagine, my body was super tired come Sunday night.

The reason for recording a video of me teaching an entire BodyPump release is for the company to make sure that I am practicing good technique, using proper coaching cues, and am motivating! It’s a nerve-racking process for us, but I completely understand why it is necessary.

I felt so.much.relief after I finished teaching for my video! Naturally, Paul and I had to go out and celebrate with dinner!


We decided to go to Taco Mac for dinner. If you aren’t from around here, it’s a restaurant/bar with a ridiculous amount of TVs that they always have on sports games. The food is casual and it’s just a fun atmosphere.

So happy it's over!

So happy it’s over! {Don’t mind my deformed thumb}

I am supposed to watch my video to make sure I want to send it in… but watching yourself on tape is {to me} a severe form of torture. I couldn’t take it. I only made it through 12 minutes of 60. I think that has to do with us being our own worst critic. So I’m just going to send it in and hope for the best!

Anyway, back to dinner. I scarfed down some buffalo chicken tenders and sweet potato fries for my entree.

Get in my belly!

Get in my belly!

I also told Paul we must order dessert. I was all about celebrating that night! We got the S’mores brownie.

Taco Mac s'mores brownie


We were both actually a little disappointed with this dessert. Although it looks awesome, it just needed a little somethin’ somethin’ extra. I think a scoop of ice cream would have added some more dimension. {That marshmallow around the edge was only around the edge… not all the way through. Bummer!}

We sat out an intense storm while eating. Afterwards, the sky looked really neat.

Sky after storm


Besides preparing for my video this weekend, I also ran 8 {hilly} miles on Saturday morning, had Sunday brunch with Paul, and took copious amounts of pictures of Teddy as per usual.

Sunday Brunchday

Sunday Brunchday

I love that face

I love that face




  • Anyone else hit a milestone this weekend?
  • Do you despise watching yourself on video as much as I do?

Hope you’re having a great day!


Pupdate {4 months}

In honor of “National Dog Day” yesterday as well as the puppies 4 month mark earlier this week, I thought I would do another pupdate!

Sawyer, Daphne, and Teddy are now four months old! The time has absolutely flown by! At their last vet appointment two weeks ago, they weighed in at 40, 36, and 35 pounds respectively. They’re probably 5 pounds each heavier now. It’s crazy to think that just a short time ago I could fit all 10 puppies in my lap. Those days are long gone!

Currently, they have started losing their baby teeth! I have yet to find one {and frankly, I probably never will} since there are so many animals in my house. I wish I would find a lost baby tooth though, I’d totally be the person to save it forever ;)


Hello, mister Sawyer

Hello, mister Sawyer

Sawyer is a handsome boy! He absolutely takes after his daddy, Bentley. Both of them get so excited when they see you that they can hardly contain themselves. I always laugh at Bentley when he does “The Bentley Thing” and now Sawyer has adopted that goofy personality! He definitely loves to play!

F2 goldendoodle 4 months

He’s the most difficult for me to take pictures of because he doesn’t like sitting still for long {especially when he realizes that I don’t have a treat for him!}

Son and father

Son and father


Sweet Daphne

Sweet Daphne

Little Daphne is a doll. She is sweet as can be and has the cutest face! Don’t let that fool you though, this girl is quite the adventurer! She was the first to need a professional bath because she ran into a muddy lake near our house and was filthy. Not to mention she contracted 100 “seed ticks” {you read that right. 100.} that I had to remove. She’s lucky she is so cute! Daphne has also discovered that the patio table provides an awesome vantage point over her fellow doodles. I went to put something inside one day, and in the 30 seconds I was gone she managed to find her way onto the table! Crazy girl.

I love adventures!

I love adventures!

Daphne is quite photogenic! It’s nearly impossible to take a bad picture of her.


Last but not least, my precious Teddy bear. She’s pretty much my first child. It shows too. She follows me around everywhere and is always laying at my feet… even if I’m doing something quick like brushing my teeth! She doesn’t want to miss a second of bonding time with her “human mommy.”

F2 goldendoodle 4 months

Her red coat color is gorgeous. People stop me to ask about her frequently. {They usually think she is an Irish Setter. Nope!} Her eyes are a unique color, somewhere in the spectrum between green/brown/red. Hard to describe! They almost match her coat.

Teddy is a super fast runner and always looking to play. She will run circles around the others until they finally oblige and join her. Because she is so active, she crashes hard also…

Sleepy baby

Sleepy baby

Look at the teeth I've lost!

Look at the teeth I’ve lost!

All three of them play so well together. They’re lucky to have playmates around all the time!

The girls

The girls

That’s about it for now! Plus, here is a picture of our “big doodles” from earlier when Lola returned from the groomer’s.



I believe Ellie and Bentley were whispering sweet nothings into her ears about how much they missed her the past few hours! Sadly, Lola’s fur had to be shaved off :( Furless doodles make me sad. It will grow back though!


  • Is your dog adventurous {like Daphne}?
  • Is your dog like velcro to you {like Teddy}?
  • Does your dog freak out in excitement when he sees you {like Sawyer}?


Keith Urban “Raise Em Up” Tour

What a weekend!

This weekend was go-go-go nonstop! Anyone else?

A summary of my weekend events looks a little somthin’ like this:

Babysit. Water ski. Tube. Pontoon ride all day. Arbonne skincare party. Run 6 miles. Errands. KEITH URBAN CONCERT.

Best babysitter ever ;)

Best babysitter ever ;)

Skiing into the morning

Skiing into the morning

Kristi Paul Lake



Happy Valentine’s Day to me!!! Back on February 14, one of my gifts was an “IOU” to go to a Keith Urban concert. Paul knew I really wanted to go, but it was so far in advance, tickets had yet to go on sale. Once they went on sale in April, we scooped up a pair and then just waited for August 24! Although I had to wait over six months, it was so worth it!!!

Before the show, Paul and I ate at a new-to-us BBQ restaurant in Alpharetta. It is called Smokejack Southern Grill and was fabulous. I’m eager to go back again and bring my dad, who is quite the BBQ aficionado {he is from Missouri, after all} We were so impressed by our delicious meals!

Keith Urban is one of my favorite artists and he always puts on one heck of a great show! I’ve seen him twice before and this concert was on par with his others! AMAZING, as always!

The opening acts for the concert were Brett Eldredge and Jarrod Neimann. Both put on a good show! The crowd went wild when Jarrod Neimann played his current hit “Drink To That All Night!”

Getting ready for Keith Urban!

Getting ready for Keith Urban!

Keith Urban took the stage and I was so excited! I knew this would be such a fun evening!

One of the highlights of the show for me was when Keith was reading out some of the homemade posters he saw people holding. One was a poster held by a little boy saying “My first concert!” Wouldn’t you know that once he saw that, he called up the boy and his family onto the stage with him! The boy was 9 years old and I guarantee you that Keith Urban just made his life! He even took a selfie with the family facing backwards, to show the audience in the background. I thought that was so neat! It definitely goes to show what a great person he is. A lot of artists are far too arrogant for kind, spur-of-the-moment acts like that.

Another highlight was when Keith introduced the song “We Were Us,” a duet he recorded with Miranda Lambert. He was explaining that since both of his opening acts were male, he didn’t have anyone to sing it with. I thought for sure he was going to have a surprise female guest appear {I was thinking Atlanta-native, Jennifer Nettles of the former duo Sugarland}. Instead, he informed us that each city that hosts a concert was in charge of finding an amateur female singer to sing Miranda’s part. For the Georgia show, the winner was a radio intern named Carly Burruss. She killed it! Everyone was so impressed by her talent {myself included}!

Carly Burruss Keith Urban

Carly singing “We Were Us”

I love when you go to concerts and know every single song. I definitely sang the entire time and couldn’t get enough!

Keith Urban concert


Raise Em Up!

Raise Em Up!

All in all, it was an unforgettable night that I’ll be thinking about for years to come!


Southwest-Inspired Breakfast Sandwich

Hi there, friends!

Today I’ve got a quick, simple, and nutritious breakfast to share with you!


But first, let’s recap the morning! Dogs woke me up {as always} and I took them all out… only to find that the weather was ideal! It was 59 degrees {In Georgia. In August. Whaaaaat?!?} and low-levels of humidity {for us}. I knew I had to get out there as soon as possible to enjoy before it warmed up! Enjoy I did. My mood is so greatly affected by the weather. Kind of pathetic, but it is what it is. Needless to say, I’m in quite the excellent mood this afternoon :)

Following my run this morning, I was feeling a good breakfast. And not just an English Muffin with peanut butter… I’m getting sick of that for the moment. I decided to change it up a little by making an egg sandwich. Here is the recipe for what I made:

Southwest Egg Sandwich


  • 1 English Muffin, toasted {I used whole wheat}
  • 1 egg
  • 1 slice of cheese, your choice {I used Colby Jack}
  • 2 slices roasted deli turkey
  • 1 Tbsp. salsa
  • *Avocado slices {optional}
  • Salt and pepper to taste

The directions on how to make this pretty much go without saying, but I want to show how I cook the egg to keep it from falling apart.

Turkey and egg

As soon as the egg hits the pan, I use a spatula to prevent spreading. This way it all cooks in one lump and is fits perfectly on your muffin/bagel/bread. I flip it once to ensure all of the egg is completely cooked. Or, you can do this or this as well. For me, I like less steps and my method works just fine!

Once the turkey and egg are cooked, I add the slice of cheese over the egg to melt. Then you just have to assemble your sandwich!

Egg Sandwich faceout

I wanted to add avocado slices to my sandwich, only to find out the the one avocado I had left had gone bad. Bummer! Those little guys are so temperamental! Reminded me of this:

After eating my delicious sandwich, I felt satisfied. Got in some quality protein, fiber, carbs, and dairy. {Avocado would add some healthy fats as well} Breakfast win!

Have a fantastic Thursday! The puppies have a vet appointment this afternoon… BIG day for us!


Good afternoon!

If you’re on social media at all, you are most likely well-aware of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” that has been circulating recently.

Just last week Paul and I were talking about how big it’s gotten. I had made the comment that “I don’t think anyone I know will pick me” based on the fact that the challenge had yet to enter the circle of my closest friends. Well, it looks as though I spoke too soon! Yesterday afternoon, I was nominated by my friend Katy. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that ;)

Ice Bucket Challenge

I decided to go forth with the challenge and pour a bucket of ice and water over my head! I was more worried about the speaking portion of the challenge {I tend to get super awkward if there is a video in progress} than the actual ice bucket. It’s funny, because I will happily take pictures all day long! But add talking and a new element of horror arises!


I must admit that before yesterday, I didn’t really understand the purpose of this whole thing. I’ve seen it all over Facebook and Instagram, yet didn’t know much about it besides the donations are going towards ALS research. I figure that if I was in the dark, some of you out there may be as well!

The rules are simple: Pour a bucket of ice and water over your head within 24 hours of nomination, then choose 3-4 friends to do the same. All on video, of course! If you do not accept the challenge, you are supposed to donate $100+ do any ALS research foundation of your choice.


I did a little research and found out that ALS stands for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; also called “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.” It is an unfortunate disease in which motor neurons degenerate and the muscles atrophy from lack of use. This disease is degenerative and ultimately leads to the motor neurons {that control muscles} to completely die. There are a host of problems, including muscle weakness, twitching, voice projection difficulty, and difficulty breathing/swallowing in advanced stages. Paralysis is the end result of ALS, before death.

Currently, there is no cure or treatment for ALS. That is why a huge fundraising campaign is so important.


The campaign was started by a former Boston college baseball player, Peter Frates. He is currently 29 years old and has been diagnosed with ALS. He was told he has 2-5 years to live. Peter has a young baby and a wife. I won’t say much more about him, because I feel as though I cannot do this courageous man justice. Please read his short biographical here.

In addition, the Frates family has set up the “Pete Frates #3 Fund” to raise awareness of ALS. They are blown away by how big their campaign has become.

Keep up with the good work for the challenge and remember the reason why you are pouring that ice over your head!

Here is my super embarrassing video :)


Information Sources:


Productive Monday Morning


This has been my first Monday morning without class and I have been loving it! No Monday blues here!

My morning started as most, with one dog or another moving/barking/playing. Gotta love a good “natural alarm clock!”

I went on a 3 mile run outside a little after 7:00 and was completely drenched in sweat by the time I got back. The humidity today is out of control! I am seriously counting down the days until crisp fall weather kicks in! {Might be a while in Georgia….}

Following my hilly run, I rinsed off and got ready to go to the gym.

I was starving and refueled with this little beauty:

PB chocolate English muffin


A whole wheat English Muffin topped with peanut butter and a few mini chocolate chips thrown on for good measure because why not? Plus a big glass of water! 

I shadowed a class of BodyPump that left me seriously tired. Such a feeling of accomplishment every time :) 

Blender bottle


I definitely felt like I needed a protein shake after an outside run+ BodyPump class. My muscles need to mend and grow stronger after all that wear and tear! 

I made another one of my favorite vanilla malt protein shakes! Best. Idea. Ever. This is what I used:


So delicious! Try it! It taste just like a real vanilla malt and hits the spot for me every time. People with a sweet tooth as bad as mine, enjoy. 


Here are a few dog pictures to satisfy the other dog-lovers out there! These crazy doodles crack me up.

"I missed you. Never leave me again." -Teddy

“I missed you. Never leave me again.” -Teddy

"Take me to my next destination, please." -Daphne

“Take me to my next destination, please.” -Daphne

Lazy Monday mornings

Lazy Monday mornings

"What is this thing you call 'personal space?'" -Teddy

“What is this thing you call ‘personal space?'” -Teddy

I hope your week has started off well! 


Happy Saturday to all of you! I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for this weekend!

I’m going to do a little review of my day yesterday… because… it’s worth talking about. It was absolutely a roller coaster of a day!

roller coaster clip art


My Friday started off so well! I woke up, took a couple dogs for a walk, did some things around the house, and even made my sister and I breakfast tacos! I was helping her move back into college all day and knew we could use some good fuel. I also was keeping a very close eye on the clock because at 10:00, the Garth Brooks tickets were going on sale for his Atlanta show next month! Paul and I had to go! {Fun fact: Garth hasn’t played Atlanta for 18 years, since before he retired to raise his family}

Right when it hit 10:00, I clicked the “Best Available” seats option. The computer was working for the five longest minutes of my life, but in the end, I scored two tickets! I was elated!!! Is it September yet?

Following my major victory, I helped Kayla load up the car so we could get going. We decided to take my brother’s car up there because mine was too small to fit all of her dorm goodies in. Not a big deal. Kayla drove up there since I hate driving {in a big way}. The only annoying thing is that his car has had some electrical problems and the radio had to be disconnected… so it was a pretty boring ride. Luckily we had each other!

Once we got to her school {~2 hours away} she had some Financial Aid issues to take care of. All in all, that took about an hour and she was thankfully able to move in. We unpacked the full car and got a late lunch at ChickfilA. We were glad to have beat the storms that were looming over the whole state!


As we said our goodbyes, the skies opened up. Just my luck! Oh well, rain won’t kill me. Kayla had a meeting to go to and I was leaving with more than enough time left to make it to the gym to shadow BodyPump! Everything would work out so well! Or so I thought…

When I got in the car, I went about my routine adjusting the seat and mirrors and all that fun stuff. I pumped the seat up so I could see over the steering wheel {I should probably mention that Kayla is a solid 6-7 inches taller than me} and went to move the seat closer. Here was my first problem. The electrical circuit that moves the seat closer was not working and I couldn’t move it forward. I couldn’t reach the gas pedal! So… I drove by sporadically touching the gas with the tip of my big toe. People probably thought this was my first day driving. It was rough.

His car also said that a door was open. I pulled over in the pouring rain to check all the doors. The light went off, so I thought I fixed it. When I got back up to speed {thanks, big toe} the light came on again. This time I pulled over at a gas station and opened/closed the trunk. Light still came back on. Maybe it’s always on? I still don’t know the answer to that…

I decided that although my phone battery was only at 35%, that playing some songs from it wouldn’t drain it too much. Especially if I turned off the screen. At least now I had something to think about other than my right foot going numb from having it so stretched out. I sang along to some Garth Brooks {I was still on a high from getting those tickets} and was doing fine. Paul called to tell me that there was crazy bad Atlanta traffic because the storms had partially flooded some of the major roads. We talked a couple minutes before I said I had to go because I wanted some phone battery to last the whole way, just in case. I also decided I didn’t need to listen to music anymore because it had drained my battery more than I had anticipated.

I finally hit that traffic Paul had warned me about. After creeping along in the single digits, I knew that my hopes of going to the gym to shadow were squashed. I just wanted to get home by this point. He called me again to see where I was and maybe meet up to sit out traffic and the storm. We were too far apart though and it wasn’t going to work out. Especially because traffic was a beast. 

By this point, I needed to use the restroom and also Kevin’s car was guzzling gas at a much faster rate than I was used to! I told myself that I would get off at the next exit. I just really didn’t want to get gas in downtown Atlanta and battle that traffic on top of everything. Well, I ended up passing three exits {this took half an hour} because they were all exits to other highways and I didn’t want to be counter-productive. Finally, I got off at the next exit because my bladder was about to burst and gas was getting dangerously low. In the heart of downtown Atlanta. Naturally.

I got gas first because the lines were long and I didn’t think I’d be able to turn around in the small, crowded parking lot. I was actually doing the “potty dance” that two-year olds do when they have to go. Legs were crossed, swaying back and forth, the whole nine yards. I then ran inside, frantically searching for the restroom. I found it! With a sign that said “Out of Order.” NO. WAY. I ran over to the cashier, who was in the middle of checking someone out, and blurted out “isyourbathroomreallybroken????? It’sanEMERGENCYYYYYYYYY” He told me I could use it. Nastiest bathroom ever. But I didn’t care…. I managed to not pee down my own leg, so I’ll consider that a victory!

I go back out to my brother’s car and was happy that I escaped that disaster by the narrowest of margins. I go to start the car, and…. nothing. Ummm what? I tried again and again and it was not starting. I started locking and unlocking the doors {at an attempt to reveal the magical code to starting it? Not sure. I was freaking out.}. This went on for about ten minutes. At this point, my phone had 3% battery left. I could make one quick phone call. So I chose Paul because nobody was home at my house and he was just in Atlanta. I was the picture of calm, cool, and collected. Okay, not so much. I started crying the second he answered. He kept trying to tell me to drop a pin so he could find me and I was crying that I didn’t know how. I’ve only done it once ever, give me a break. So I started describing everything around me and then my phone promptly died. Lovely.

Somehow, I miraculously got the car to start about 7 minutes after that and left the gas station, worried that if I turned it off to wait for Paul that it would have to be towed home. {I still wasn’t close to my house yet} So off I went, thinking that Paul was probably calling in the police force to find me.

I made it home and immediately plugged my phone in. A two hour drive had turned into nearly four torturous hours. I was beat.

I let out all six dogs and started calling/texting Paul to tell him I made it back. I wasn’t really watching the dogs as I was trying to account for the afternoon’s events.

After twenty minutes or so, I realized how long it had been and went to go corral up the doodles.


The three grown dogs came immediately when I called them. I thought the three babies had gone exploring in the woods again {Ughhh} and I needed to find them. First, I went to check to see if they were out front. On my way, I went through the garage and was stopped in my tracks by the most foul odor that my poor nose has ever smelled. {smelt?} I immediately started searching for an animal carcass that they had brought in. I didn’t find anything tangible, but it absolutely reeked. I cannot even describe how bad this smell was. I don’t know how I didn’t vomit from the smell alone. Confused, I continued outside to find all of the dogs crowded around an area in the grass rolling in and eating something. Uh oh.

The good news is that there was no dead animal. The bad news is they found a dozen rotten eggs. Literally. Rotten eggs.

I flew inside and got a garbage bag, where I started tossing the rotten eggs in {with my bare hands…. makes me cringe thinking about that now}. All of the dogs smelled like rotten eggs and I was on the verge of tears again. Why me??? And why all in one day???

I put the nasty dogs in their crates and went on a walk with my friend, Katy, because I needed to tell someone about my trying afternoon. I didn’t know what to do about the dogs.

When we got back 45 minutes later, she offered to help me wash them off outside. Of course when we started, the storms started back up. It had to be done though. We washed six dogs outside in a thunder and lightening storm. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the night ended by me getting struck by lightening.

The dogs didn’t make my nostril hairs curl anymore and I went to bed. Not before consuming copious amount of ice cream though.

Also, my friend bought me a car charger. Thanks, Erin! I clearly need that :D

And THAT was my Friday. Now everyone can go and feel good about themselves, because I bet your Friday wasn’t that awful!


  • Never go anywhere without a car-charger. Ever.
  • Dogs are disgusting creatures.
  • My brother’s car is stupid.

but at least I get to see Garth!!!