Disney Planning Extravaganza!

Good evening!


Last night, my mom and I decided to finally get started making dining reservations for our upcoming Disney trip! Now, if you know anything about Disney at all, you know that you’re better off making reservations, oh, six months in advance. As we do not have the luxury of time at the moment, we made the best with what we had! We spent hours poring over the official website… checking out menus and time availability. After many trial and errors, we have a solid plan that we’re greatly looking forward to! I may be too stuffed to run the race 😉


RunDisney {photo from Disney}

Speaking of the race, I am beyond excited for it! A few days ago, our “running costumes” came in the mail {TWO WEEKS EARLY!} and are more than adorable. I’ve been fighting the urge to wear it all day, every day around the house. True princess at heart… ha! Any guesses as to what character I will be?


This morning before and after the gym, we had a few errands to run. These errands honestly had nothing to do with the ice storm that is supposed to hit the southeast tonight, BUT the stores were cRaZy!!

At Target, my jaw may have actually hit the floor because they had every register open. All of them. Even on Black Friday this year, not all of them were open! I could barely believe my eyes! In my opinion, this should be a “norm,” but who am I?


Yesterday, I had mentioned adding a scoop of protein powder to the smoothies I made. I also like to mix it with water somedays after long runs or weight-lifting workouts. My mom bought this particular brand {Super Advanced Whey Isolate by Body Fortress in Vanilla Creme} at Walmart a few weeks ago and I cannot get enough of it! It is the most delicious protein powder I have ever tried in my life. In my opinion, it tastes like a melted vanilla milkshake. Heavenly. I also am convinced that my recovery time has improved and I’m getting more out of my workouts. It’s great!


           Whey Isolate in Vanilla Creme

I hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday! Stay safe if the weather is as bad as they predict!


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