“Snow Day”

Hi there!

Things have been a little weird around here the past couple of days. An “ice storm of catastrophic proportions” was scheduled to hit the southeastern United States yesterday. I was booked to babysit in the morning, which was fine. Promptly at 8:30 am the power goes out. {I feel the need to mention that at this time it was raining. Not freezing rain either. Normal, run-of-the-mill rain.} Quickly, a board game extravaganza began!

We played Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and a memory matching game for, oh, six hours! I certainly felt like I was reliving my childhood! The rain did start to freeze as intended, but the “storm” was nowhere near the caliber predicted. In fact, I feel rather silly for calling it a storm at all! Our power line must be unfortunately located.

Hours after I had gotten home, we still did not have power. As it got darker, we brought out the flashlights, lanterns, and approximately as many candles as a Yankee Candle has in stock. {Yeah, we love our candles!} 


                        One wall of candles {out of many}

Next, a board game frenzy ensued at my house, too! While I waited for my dad, Thomas, and Alex to finish up RISK {not my thing}, I dug out my Yahtzee game. I also decided to make us all some hot chocolate! I used a lighter to get the gas stove going and went from there. I mixed some dark chocolate mix from Starbucks along with some Caramel Sea Salt mix in addition to milk and a touch of heavy cream. Complete with marshmallows and chocolate curls! Needless to say, it was divine! 


                                   Caramel hot chocolates

Alex left the table-o-games because he isn’t a fan of Yahtzee, but we had a blast playing!  My dad and I have always done two-person Yahtzee tournaments since I was about 10. Thomas was a welcome addition!


                                Let the gaming begin!

We went through two full sheets {12 total games} and I am sad to say I was not the coveted Grand Champion. I still had fun though! While I’m on the topic…


                                Score card artwork

I am quite sure it is impossible for me to play this game without adding some artsy flair to my score card! I would have won if we were judging based on prettiest paper 😉

We all called it a night and went to bed, still powerless. I totally wore foot pajamas to sleep because my room was an arctic tundra. For the first time ever, I did not get too hot in them! That’s definitely a plus of no heat!

When I woke up {still no power}, I finished the book I had been reading. My mom had read that our gym would open at 1 this afternoon and we jumped at the chance to get in a workout, fight boredom, AND sneak in a hot shower after. Yes, please!

As we entered the gym, the guy working the front counter said “Welcome to the hottest place to be in town!” and I couldn’t help but smile. He was so right. The gym was PACKED {and I’m talking first week of January level crowded}! I felt so great running, that I ended up doing 5.5 miles instead of the 4 I intended. Doing nothing active yesterday left me with some energy, I guess!

I had to laugh as we were leaving because the sky looked like this:


                                        Sunny skies

My dad had said our power had just come back on. So there you have it. No power for 30+ hours and a beautiful, sunny day with no snow or ice on the ground at all. Just a little more incentive for me to leave Georgia 😉 As if I need it!



While I sit here typing this up, Sophie has decided to make herself right at home in her favorite spot: my shoulders! Ever since she was a kitten, she has loved sitting on shoulders. I call her my “parrot kitty.” Too cute!


                                Sophie the parrot kitty


I want to leave you with a little something that my mom and I are both huge fans of! Mini bobby pins! If your hair is fine like ours, you will appreciate these as well!


                                     Mini bobby pins

I always found that traditional sized bobby pins fell out crazy easily because my hair is so fine. These ones are the perfect size! They’re actually pretty difficult to find {in blonde at least} so we have a stockpile. I adore these Goody Colour Collection mini bobby pins and will never go back to the regular ones!

I hope you have had a wonderful Thursday! If you got a real storm, be careful and have fun! {I’m super jealous of all the snow in VA}


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