Valentine’s Day Cookies

Well, hello there!

As you can probably guess, there was a lot of baking that went on around here at Running Sweet Tooth for Valentine’s Day! I wanted to share a batch of festive cookies that I made as a gift for Paul.

Before I get started with that, though, I want to say that several years ago I was becoming increasingly frustrated with cut-out cookies. They were fine and dandy… until they came out of the oven not resembling the cookie cutter at all! I don’t know about you, but I’m not particularly interested in making cookies shaped as amoebas or unidentifiable blobs. I did an extensive online search and came up with a few recipes to try that claimed to hold their shape. Rejoice! In the end, I came up with a winner that has become my “go-to.” These cookies are delicious and really do not spread! I’ve made them time and again with success each batch. I encourage you to give them a try, too!

The recipe is from Bake Space and can be found here. I will add that this dough is very dry and crumbly. I typically add a couple teaspoons of water because I like my dough to have a little bit more of a solid feel. The water has not seemed to affect the no-spread character.


                        Valentine’s heart cookie cut-outs

I love these silicone baking mats! I picked some up this year on a whim and am happy I did! They allow the cookies to bake evenly and make clean-up a breeze!


                       Different shapes on cooling rack

Oh! I forgot to say that my plan for this particular batch of cookies was to create sandwich cookies out of them. Match up two of the same size {I used several different sizes of heart cookie cutters} and fill with a homemade strawberry buttercream. Fun and festive!


                         Fluffy frosting {pre-strawberry}

Usually for frosting, I have a base recipe {in my head} that I use and can jazz it up with different flavors if I want! I don’t really measure the ingredients exactly because I like to go off taste. As a self-proclaimed frosting connoisseur, I know what is good! Disclaimer: baking is a science. In fact, chemistry. I would never “wing it” for the actual dough/ batters I make. Just the frosting.


           Strawberry buttercream inside the cookies

The sandwiches were coming along! I wanted to have a perfect look around the edges {naturally}.  This was easier to achieve on the cookies without scalloped edges.


                                       Finished cookies

As you can see, I also added a dusting of powdered sugar on top with a strainer for a more polished look. I used a star tip and piping bag to create the design inside the cookies with a cutout on top! Getting fancy up in here 😉 {On those cookies, I also did the powdered sugar before frosting, so it would not cover the frosting}


                            Wrapped cookie basket

I assembled all of the cookies inside of a little plastic basket I had picked up at the craft store and used a cellophane bag for wrapping. Complete with a pink ribbon to tie it all together!

Paul’s comment {after trying one} was “why don’t you make these more often?! They’re incredible!” The answer: because they’re too good. I would eat all the cookies.  I save this recipe for special events!

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day yourselves and felt loved! Enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙂


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