Disney World {Part 1: Expo}

Long time no see!

As you may have known, this weekend was a Disney-filled adventure for me! I’m going to recap it all bit by bit, starting with the Fit for a Princess Expo on Thursday evening!

My mom and I woke up early on Thursday morning {at home} and hit the open road. Okay, so maybe a major highway isn’t exactly “open,” but we started our drive! I had brought along a few travel books for Italy to skim through to pass the time {I’m so thankful I am able to read in cars without any sickness}! Although I did a little skimming, most of the time was filled by singing Disney songs. We had bought a couple of Disney CDs to bring and couldn’t get enough! I sang my little lungs out to all of my favorites for hours on end. Needless to say, I am pretty thankful it was only my mom in the car with me 😉

We blasted “Let it Go” from Frozen on repeat for too many times to count. I’m guessing it had to be at least two dozen. We both love that song so much… in fact, just talking about it has made me need to play it right now!

Our car magically appeared at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex, where the expo was being held.

ESPN Wide World of Sports

ESPN Wide World of Sports

We high-tailed it to the New Balance tent in order to try and sign up for a time to purchase our limited edition runDisney sneakers. We had planned on waiting around there all night, figuring our best chances of snagging a pair of these coveted beauties would be on the first day of the expo. I should back up a second and tell you that I set my alarm before 6am that morning {which was when the online sign-up opened} and did not have any luck, unfortunately. They were sold out within seconds. Pity. The lady working there told us that they were done selling their quota of the shoes for the day at 1:00 in the afternoon and had left already {we arrived around 3:30}. We were heart-broken {and livid, too}. We then altered our plans to try again on Friday morning. Now, onwards to the rest of the expo!


Greetings from two of Cinderella’s footmen

This expo was unbelievable! Sometimes, I am a little disappointed at running expos because they are small or don’t have things that I am looking for. None of those woes applied! It was massive, filled with the best vendors, had great music, and an overall fun vibe. You can spend all day in there! Although, it is far too easy to spend money quickly.

We meandered through the aisles, browsing around… all the while playing “bumper butts.” Yes, it was that crowded! In addition to vendor booths, they had a wall with every runners name on it. I found mine!


Hey, that’s me!

I was completely enamored because there were SIX ladies with the same {uber-rare} last name as me! And my mom, cousin, and I only accounted for half. I wished I could meet the other three and wondered if they were related to each other as well. Is that creepy? I don’t think I have actually met in person another un-related Freund before. I’m sure people with common last names don’t go through this excitement!

I also had to get my picture taken with my childhood idol, Cinderella! {I realize she is not real, thank you}


Cinderella and I

We gathered up our new swag and headed to our hotel to check-in and then grab some dinner. Here’s a photo of the goodies inside our race bags:


Bib and such

I was so happy to be in Orlando and couldn’t wait until the next day… we were going to try for the shoes again and then Epcot!


  • What is your favorite race expo?
  • Have you ever set your alarm to buy any limited edition item?

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