Wedding Love & Sunshiny Days

This weekend was a whirlwind! Although I didn’t have too many concrete plans, everything fell right into place and it ended up being a great couple of days.

Paul and I went for a quick little run on Saturday morning, followed by cooking up some amazing omelets! Omelets are not a dish I make on a daily basis, so it added a festive air to the morning.


      Ham, bacon, sharp cheddar, bell pepper, and onion omelet

We ran a few last-minute errands in the afternoon, before it was time to start getting ready for a wedding! I LOVE WEDDINGS. Feeling the “love in the air” never fails to make me happy. Anyway, as I was getting ready, these crazy girls were looking picturesque on the bed… I couldn’t not snap a photo!


                                                                        Lola and Ellie

At the wedding, I was able to catch-up with a friend I hadn’t seen in way too long. That was such a nice treat! The ceremony was beautiful, as was the bride.


                                     Friend reunion with Meagan!

Meagan and her boyfriend, Cooper, hung out with Paul and I the whole time. We had such a great evening 🙂


                                                                 Wedding fun

We ended up not staying until the very end because we had a bit of a drive back. But I’m sure it was a lot of fun all the way through!

Sunday morning began with me begging Paul to go on a walk. It was SO NICE outside! A beautiful, warm sunny day was ours for the taking. We took a couple dogs {sad that I can say that!} and went on our merry way. The weather was definitely a little taste of spring. Although spring is my least favorite season {pollen and lots of rain…} yesterday was gorgeous. 


                      Morning dog walk with Ellie

We spent the rest of the day in Atlanta. I wanted a new pair of running shoes {one of my favorite pairs is almost beyond use} and Paul wanted to browse around. I got new shoes! Woohoo! They’re the Brooks Ravenna 5 and felt very comfy. I’ll have to test them out soon!

I quickly noticed that the new Sprinkles Cupcakes had opened! Needless to say… we stopped in and both got a cupcake. Since I’m a big fan of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, I knew exactly who Candace Nelson is and was excited to try her recipes! I ordered the Peanut Butter Chocolate and Paul tried the Vanilla.



Both were divine. Mine was rich and decadent and Paul’s was lighter and oh so good.


                                             Vanilla and Peanut Butter Chocolate

So there’s my weekend! I hope your weekends were all wonderful as well. 


For quite a while, I had my eye on the “most beautiful gym bag that I’d ever seen.” After months of drooling over it online, I finally ordered it in January. And… I absolutely love it! It is from Activyst, a website that gives a portion of their proceeds to girls’ sports organizations worldwide to promote active lifestyles! 



The exciting news is that I received an email today that Activyst is having their FIRST EVER sale! They also have tote bags, little cosmetic bags, and some inspiring t-shirts! If you’re at all interested, I would jump at this sale… coming from someone who paid full-price for their bag. Happy browsing!


I’m sure I’m wayyy late to the party, but a couple weeks ago I discovered Bloglovin! It’s a place the see all of your favorite blogs in one spot {in case you’re behind like me and wasn’t aware}. So convenient and much needed {for me}. I wanted to join  Bloglovin, to provide ease of reading to others. I’m new at this, so hopefully I followed the directions correctly! If I did, you should be able to find Running Sweet Tooth on it! Please let me know if it didn’t take.

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Talk to you all tomorrow! Happy Monday 🙂



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