Breakfast Requests- HELP!

This morning was an early one. I suppose I should back up a second and tell you that last week, I began a 6 week course. I have class from 8-noon on M-Th. Typically, I like to take BodyPump at my gym in late morning, giving me time to do cardio beforehand and still not be up before the sun. The timing of this class has put a little wrench into my normal routine… so I made the executive decision to start going to the gym before class. Holy early, Batman! I am at my most productive in the morning {one of those weirdos, I know} and know that if I don’t make a priority to workout first thing, it’s very hard for me to do it in the afternoon or evening.

That being said, I have been at the gym by 5:30am the past two days and honestly LOVE it! Since I’m a “swammer,” I spent many-a-year with my pesky alarm buzzing at a time when no person should be awake. I didn’t always like that because I had to do it. Now, I am waking up before 5 because I want to. I can’t even begin to explain what a difference that mentality makes! I feel so accomplished after an early workout and that is incentive enough for me to pop my eyes open 🙂

This morning I did the early BodyPump class with a killer shoulder segment. That’s my favorite body part to train and I could definitely feel the burn! After that, I did 15 minutes on an elliptical for some light cardio before I had to shower. Here is my sweaty elliptical plan that I followed:


My focus of today is about breakfast and I need some help! Here is what my breakfast looked like:


Vanilla protein shake and Clif bar

It filled me up enough so I wasn’t starving, but just felt so… fake. I don’t have time to go home and back after the gym and will be needing to pack filling and nutritious breakfasts to eat after the gym and before class. Does anyone have ideas for me? {Disclaimer: I don’t like bananas…} I was considering yogurt parfaits, but think it might be a little messy. Maybe I’ll try it anyway. There has to be some great portable breakfasts out there that are “real” food! Everything else I could think of needed to be toasted. Please, please help!

For a little puppy love, here is your daily dose of doodle!


Ellie & Lola thought they needed to test taste my lunch

I hope you’re having a productive day as well!


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