Saturday Randoms

It’s the weekend! I can’t believe how fast this week flew by… I’m not complaining!


This morning I woke up earlier than intended and took Lola on a nice hour long walk. If I had to pick, I’d say she’s my favorite of the four dogs {shhh! Don’t tell the others!} I decided to wear my new running shoes to start breaking them in. 



They felt like little slices of heaven on my feet. I guess I hadn’t realized how worn down my other shoes are! I knew they were well on their way, but compared to these little beauties, they’re definitely ready to go. 

It was colder than I had expected and wished I had thought to wear gloves… oh well, You live, you learn!




When we returned, I wanted to do a quick set for my abs. My only complaint of Body Pump is I feel the core section leaves something to be desired. I rarely find it challenging and my abs are never, ever sore from it. I wanted to do a little somethin’ somthin’ of my own today to make up for yesterday’s blah abs session.

I came up with a set that intends to work all of the major ab areas: the obliques, upper, and lower abdominals. It took less than 10 minutes total and I could actually feel that I was working. Win!



I couldn’t find my medicine ball for the russian twists and toe touches, so I improvised with a weight. Whatever works! For the toe touches, I lay flat on the floor with my feet straight in the air. I bring the weight up for my feet. Simple enough! If you find this too hard/easy feel free to personalize it to you liking! By the third round, I was shaking on the plank. Felt the burn! 


I am really itching to get my spring cleaning on today. I have to work later this afternoon, but I think I will go ahead and get started beforehand! First on the list: steam clean the carpet in my room. Since it’s been raining a lot lately, the dogs feet are muddy with the red Georgia dirt and my carpet isn’t looking so great. I really love steaming the carpet too… especially because you immediately see it’s working. Can’t wait to see the difference! {I would have been such a perfect 50s house wife… born in the wrong era}

Have a great weekend! I’m looking forward to the sunny days 🙂


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