Buffalo Chicken Salad & Blueberry Muffins

I’ve made quite a few tasty meals and snacks the past couple of days! The first noteworthy dish was my “Buffalo Chicken Salad.” My youngest brother requested it and we had all of the ingredients… so he got his way 😉



Grilled Buffalo Chicken

First, I grilled two chicken breasts that I had marinated all day in Wishbone Italian dressing. Upon the final minutes on the grill, I brushed Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wing Sauce & Glaze onto both sides of the chicken breasts. I let them rest when they finished grilling as I got the other ingredients out. The only other things needed are ranch or blue cheese dressing, shredded cheddar, and any other toppings you would like. Personally, I adore feta cheese. And although this isn’t necessarily a recipe you would think to add feta to, I did because I’ll add feta to pretty much anything! Love the flavor. Just cut up the chicken into the desired size and viola! A meal in no time.


Buffalo Chicken Salad

I have to brag a minute here and say that Alex {my brother} ate all of it. This is the same kid that basically only eats Ramen, frozen meals, and has an aversion to almost all things that may be considered a vegetable or fruit. If a little buffalo sauce is all that it takes to get him to eat something that may contains {gasp} nutrients, then by all means! It may not be the healthiest of salads out there, but it is so darn good.


Yesterday morning, I made a recipe found by a reader from the Cooking Light Grab-and-Go Quick Breakfast Recipes. {Thanks, knockedupandfit!} I had some frozen blueberries that I was dying to make muffins out of. They were easy to make and turned out well!


Blueberry Power Muffins with Almond Streusel

My oven tends to cook things a little on the fast side. The recipe calls for 15 minutes of baking, and I set the timer for 12 thinking that would be equivalent. I actually wish I would have taken them out at minute 10 or 11. I like my baked goods baked as little as possible to not be raw… but I’m sure it’s up to personal taste! Due to the incorporation of whole wheat flour, one muffin actually kept me full for a lot longer than I expected. I plan on packing one of these as my post-gym breakfast tomorrow with a clementine {or two}.


Yesterday afternoon my body seemed to be fighting something off. I was absolutely freezing to the point that no amount of blankets or fleece jackets would warm me up. Then I would be sweating. Then I was freezing again, etc. I felt awful. I know I definitely had a fever and rested the entire second half of the day. It just came out of nowhere! I ended up not eating dinner because I couldn’t stomach anything. I’m feeling much better today, although definitely not 100%. Whatever this is, it needs to be gone. I’m too busy to get sick!


Backing up a little bit, I decided to give the cats catnip yesterday morning as I was baking the muffins. I laughed because this is the epitome of territorial behavior. They were all guarding their separate stashes and not willing to move, for fear someone would steal some of their precious cargo. Hilarious!


Sophie, Bailey, Mia, and Isabelle

Hope your Monday is flying by!


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