Saturday To-Dos

Long time no… see! (what word fits there? I’m at a loss)

It has been an crazy past few days for this girl. Between class, work, shadowing PAs, and the gym; I have had no free time! And the few minutes I did have here or there, I decided to eat. Who can blame me?

Anyway, I have a pretty massive to-do list today that I’ve been knocking out!


For the “errand portion” of my list today, I mainly wanted to find a dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding in April. I had seen a Jessica Simpson dress a couple weeks ago in Atlanta that I loved. They didn’t have my size so I figured I’d try to find it elsewhere. {Paying for shipping absolutely kills me} Well… apparently that dress does not exist in other locations. Nor can I find it online. How odd! Anyway, I found another dress today that fit like a glove. I bought it; don’t worry! Dress hunt: check.

I also wanted to pop in Bath & Body Works {not for bath soap… I’m still honest on my resolution} as well as pick up a few things at the grocery store. Mission accomplished! Also, here is a hint at the last item on my list:



Car wash! I received a car wash gift card in my stocking at Christmas and have used it several times. I don’t do messy cars and like to keep mine clean as possible. Usually the only things in my car are reusable water bottles. I’m very good about not “living in my car” because I think dirty cars are disgusting and embarrassing. 

As for the other things I’d like to get accomplished, lots of laundry will be in my future! Freshly laundered sheets may be one of my favorite things in the whole wide world and today is my lucky day! I’m already looking forward to snuggling in them tonight… ha. It’s the simple things. Isabelle thinks I washed them for her to play with…




Isabelle loves her new sheet tunnel

Speaking of cats, Mia decided to jump up on my shoulder last night so she could rub her face on my face. I love my little weirdo cats 🙂


Pardon my post-gym look last night


  • What are your simple pleasures in life?
  • Anyone else excited that “wedding season” is upon us? I sure am!


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