The Cookie Monster that Lives Within

Happy post- St. Patrick’s Day! 


So…. I have a confession. You know those cookies I made the other day? The oatmeal chocolate chips? Well, they’ve somehow disappeared. And…well… I’m to blame… because… I ate them all… myself.  Three and a half dozen cookies. In my belly. In less than three days. Every last crumb, devoured by yours truly. 

ImageThis is an accurate depiction of what I must have looked like on Sunday and Monday! The thing is, I haven’t eaten dinner in two days. I ate cookies for dinner. I also ate cookies for lunch yesterday, as well as breakfast today {when I polished off the last three}. I had cookies for snacks between my meals of only cookies. I was living a gluttonous five-year-old’s fantasy. And I loved it.


I am the cookie Kobayashi. The confectionary queen. How and WHY did I get to be this way?

You see, I am the oldest of seven kids. We are all very close in age {that’s what triplets and twins in one family will do} and there are only two girls plunked in with five boys. Growing up, my mom loved to bake for us. She would make us the most beautiful and ornate birthday cakes, desserts to die for, and more Christmas cookies than you’ve ever seen. But my mentality has nothing to do with this.

Essentially, the real thought process behind it all was “If I don’t eat a piece of this cake now, the boys will eat it all and I’ll never get any.” Just ask my sister. It’s true. So I’ve always felt compelled to eat as much dessert as I possibly could the moment I saw it because it was a now or never, fight for yourself world in the Freund house. I knew about Darwin’s theories before I even knew who Darwin was! I’ve lived it. Only the strong will survive!

I think that is also why my sister and I are über-competitive {not with each other, just in general}. We had to be. Hello, cookies were on the line!

I honestly never knew this was strange behavior until I went to college. I had friends that only had sisters. Their eating habits were SO DIFFERENT than mine! {Cece and Rebecca, I’m looking at you ;)} Then I started to piece it all together and it made perfect sense. The problem now is, this mentality is quite deeply ingrained within me. I am conscious of what I am doing and it’s incredibly difficult not to dessert-binge just because I can. In college, my brothers weren’t there to eat it out from under me. Is this real life? You mean the cake will still be there tomorrow? WHAT?!?!?

I have gotten a lot better, but I still have moments {such as these past two days} when I happily eat only cookies and not think twice about it. It’s honestly a blessing that I genuinely enjoy exercising as much as I do. I am sure that if I didn’t, I would be as big as a house. Now does my blog name make sense to you? I’m no fraud… I really am the “Running Sweet Tooth!”

Now onto my other passion…


This afternoon, I went on a little three mile run. I didn’t want to overdo the distance because I have my next half marathon in less than a week. Plus, it is a lot colder than average for around here lately, so I wanted to take advantage of my favorite running weather {40 degrees}. 



I did a very hilly three miles in just less than half an hour and felt good. {Don’t worry, my Garmin watch is charging as I speak}. If I am able to keep this pace for the entire race, I will have a PR on my hands! I’m not sure how it will go, especially since the weather isn’t looking ideal, but I’m sure going to give it a shot! 

ImageLaying down on the cold concrete after my run felt amazing. That’s not something I normally do, but I might start! 

PS- I ate real food for lunch. No desserts. Thought I should share that before anyone gets too worried about me!


Last night, Bailey and Isabelle were both by the door looking oh, so cute. I go to take a picture and Bailey looks away. I take another. Then Isabelle looks away. I swear they are purposely trying to mess with me! Here are my best attempts.




  • Am I the only dessert-a-holic out there?
  • Anyone else from a huge family? Have you experienced this phenomenon as well?




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