Friday Funday

I know the saying is usually “Sunday Funday,” but my fun day this week was on a Friday! I can’t very well go around calling it Sunday, now can I?

Yesterday was a blast. Paul and I had been planning to pack in as many fun activities in one day ever since I knew when he would be back in GA for a few days. I say we succeeded in our goal, and then some!


     Leaving for our adventure-packed day!


First on the list was to drive up to north Georgia {2 hours} and have lunch with my sister. We thought she would appreciate a little treat seeing as how she is still recovering from back surgery and isn’t able to do fun things with her friends lately. 



Us Freunds kind of {read: definitely} have a thing for bright sneakers. The more color, the better! Love love love

We all enjoyed our lunch, then had to drop Kayla back off at school and head to our second item… ZIP LINING!


Paul’s birthday was back in February and I got him a gift certificate for us to both go zip-lining. We have both gone before, and love it, so I thought it would be a great “experience gift!” We had waited for some better weather before using it… going on a rainy day just didn’t sound appealing to us! 

ZipNTime is located in Helen, GA; a cute little Bavarian town and home of Georgia’s annual Oktoberfest. We had a little time to kill and walked around a few Dutch shops before making our way over to zip line. 


Looks like someone is a little tall for this door frame

We ended up being in a group of 6, which was great! Not too many people, but enough to not breeze through the course too quickly! 



Needless to say, we had a great time. Even though he had to wait over a month from the time of his birthday, I think Paul appreciated this gift 🙂

While we were walking around the Alpine Village earlier, I had noticed several ice cream shops… I think you know what came next!



One might think that we had had enough fun for one day… but we weren’t done yet! We had a packet pickup expo to attend back in Atlanta for my upcoming race on Sunday. Back to Atlanta we go! 



    Publix Marathon & Half Marathon Expo

I got my race bib and then we walked around for an hour or so. Lots of freebies and things to look at! The only thing I wanted to find was a pair of recovery flip flops to wear after races. I found what I was hunting for! I don’t actually think they’re meant for “recovery” per se, but they have phenomenal arch support… just what I need! {Having crazy high arches is such a pain sometimes} I purchased a purple pair of OluKai ‘Ohanas and can’t wait to wear them! So incredibly comfortable. I think these sandals will become a summer staple for this girl.

We ventured through the aisles of the expo until they closed {rather abruptly, at that}.


As we were leaving, it was dusk and the Skyview was right around the corner. I {not so subtly} hinted that I might like to ride it, so we walked over to check out the cost. It actually wasn’t outrageous. We figured this would be the perfect way to round off our day of fun! 


It certainly was! I was so exhausted after the longest, most fun day I’ve had in a long time. Days like this don’t happen very often, and I am so glad I was able to spend it with Paul before he hits the road again.


  • Have you ever gone zip-lining? How do you like it?
  • Does anyone else have super high arches and feels my pain?

Have an awesome weekend!



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