Georgia Publix Half Marathon {Race Recap}

Well, hello there!

I apologize about my little blog hiatus. I’ve been a huge mess this week. If you keep up with me on Facebook, you know that it is because one of my dogs passed away. Needless to say, I haven’t been emotionally ready to “act happy” and reach out.

Moving right along, last Sunday I ran my 6th half marathon. {Finally tied with Paul… SCORE!!}


As I got ready to leave for the race early Sunday morning, I texted my mom {who was running it as well} to see if she was awake. No response. I went down to make my classic race day breakfast of a toasted whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter and noticed her light was not on. Dun dun dunnnnn. I opened her door, only to realize that she was still asleep. We had to leave in ten minutes! Her “alarm” went a little like: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?! WE HAVE TO GOOOOOOOO!!!” in a loud Kristi-screech voice. I think I’ve mentioned before that I don’t do late? Yeah…

We ended up leaving half an hour later than planned. I was attempting to convince myself not to panic. But… late and I just do not get along. Paul chauffeured us into Atlanta; the gentleman that he is. {And he wasn’t even running! Keeper.} Once we arrived, we needed to use the restroom. There was an insanely long line that we had to wait in. We waited and waited and waited. {They do not have nearly enough bathrooms at this race. That’s my main overall complaint} We barely made it before the race started. But the stress did not stop there! That would be too easy!


Centennial Olympic Park

The way they had the corrals set up was a complete cluster. Maybe a blind person organized it? Whoever it was surely is not a runner that has ever been running late, that’s for darn sure. It was an on-foot traffic jam of epic proportions. I lost my mom in my valiant effort to find my friend, Coty, before we ran through the start line. I ended up hopping a fence because they had closed off the entryways into the corrals. I was definitely not the only one who had to resort to such measures. As I said, a cluster.

Miracle of all miracles, we found each other in the nick of time. Phew!

pre-race GA Publix 2014

Grainy pre-race photo


The first two miles started off strong. Then I began to slow down a bit. I don’t know if it was from of all the crazy that ensued earlier that morning, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Running is so much a mental sport and if you’re not in the right mindset, odds are you will not perform your best. My goal was to PR and finish in under 2:10. {My current PR is 2:12} By Mile 4 that goal had already been thrown out the window. I was struggling big time. I can’t pinpoint why exactly, but I’m sure not being in the right mental state was a big portion of the reason. Early on, I felt that I was developing blisters on each foot. No bueno! There was also an 80% chance of rain during the entire morning and I was nervous about that, too. I quickly changed my goal to “finish the race.”

That being said, here are my {super embarrassing} splits:



Looking at that one might think “Rookie mistake. They went out too fast in the beginning.” I know how it looks, but that was actually the speed we should be {and are capable of} running at. It just wasn’t our day to shine! Also, if you’re wondering how it possibly took us so long for the last 0.1 miles, it didn’t actually take 2 and a half minutes. We ended up running about 13.3 miles total, due to weaving in and out of people throughout the course. But I can’t exactly stop my time before the finish line!

Although we finished with a time of 2:24… far off from my goal time, I still can’t be mad at myself. I completed a half marathon. Regardless of time, that is always such a feat and reason alone to celebrate! Each run is a learning experience, and this time I learned that I definitely need to be “zen” the morning of a race and not stressed out like a mad woman.


As you know by now, I’m a huge fan of pictures! Here are some from after finishing the race:

Image          Image

Coty, me, and my mom

Coty, me, and my mom celebrating our runs!

Although Coty and I have seen much better finish times, I wanted to say that I am so proud of my mom! She dropped an entire half hour from the Disney Princess Half Marathon that was only a month ago! Not to mention that this course was incredibly hilly and Disney was pancake flat. Way to go Mama Sue!!!



This will be my last half marathon until the fall. I don’t do heat well and will not be participating in any warm weather races. I would probably pass out {not joking!} I learned my lesson in Virginia Beach last September! Never again haha. Although, I was selected in the lottery for the Peachtree Road Race on the 4th of July! This will be my second Peachtree and I’m stoked! It’s just a 10k though, don’t worry 😉


  • Did anyone else race recently? How did it go?
  • Am I the only one out there who actually prefers to run in cold weather?

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