Keepin’ Busy Weekend

Is the weekend over already?! Say it ain’t so!

This weekend I had one major goal: to keep myself busy.

A friend of mine lost her dog a week before I did and wrote me the kindest note. One piece of advice she offered that was helping her cope with her sadness is to stay busy. Even though it’s very difficult to put yourself out there at a time like this, she couldn’t be more right. The less free time I seem to have, the better off I am.



On Saturday, I spent the majority of the afternoon sifting through pictures on my phone and computer to find a few good ones from each race that I’ve run in. I have been wanting to make a “running scrapbook” for quite a while, and now seems like the opportune time. I uploaded all of my favorites onto the Sam’s Club photo center web page and was notified that they would be ready to pick up in an hour! Talk about convenience!

I killed some time by browsing {ahem… shopping for things I didn’t need} at a few stores near Sam’s and then went over to pickup my photos. They were ready to go! I could hardly wait to get home because I knew what was in store for the rest of the evening.



I began by organizing and labeling the pictures into race piles. Easy enough! Then I started with the first race {Firefly Run 5k in 2012} because I want my scrapbook to be in chronological order. Several hours later, I had completed my first three races! That is where I stopped for the evening and am happy with my results so far. Lots more work to do, but it’s fun work 🙂



Although I’ve been talking about dogs lately, I had a project on the horizon centered around my feline friends. If this solidifies me as a “crazy cat lady” officially, then so be it! I can’t help but love them. Even though I’m an animal lover in general, I would definitely classify myself as a cat person. I have no shame! If the shoe fits, wear it.

I have been collecting different picture frames for about a year now to make a “cat wall.” I don’t want any two frames to be the same and I really like intricate-looking frames. This being said, when I ordered the race pictures, I also had my cat pictures printed out. I’ve had the frames for an embarrassing amount of time and never got around to putting pictures in them, or hanging them up. Carpe diem!

Here is my finished “cat wall.” I love it! The photo on the bottom left {that’s Maci} didn’t scale right and is too large, so I’m going to need to take another one to reprint. But other than that, it’s exactly what I imagined!


Crazy Cat Lady official

Cat Wall

Just for the sake of enlightening you, I’ll give you their names. From top around {going clockwise} Bailey, Mia, Benji, Isabelle, Maci, Sophie, and Pokie in the center. Not all of them are personally mine. Felt like I should say that. Isabelle is my brother’s. Benji is a different brother’s. Pokie is no longer with us, but was my baby for 19 years and deserves a spot on the wall. Maci is kind of a recluse and doesn’t want to belong to anyone in particular. They all have a love/ hate relationship with each other… keeps life interesting!



Sunday started out by taking Ellie for a 3.5 mile run. Nothing too crazy, just getting some fresh air and a little cardio in! I swear this dog was smiling the whole way. She’s such a nut!

Ellie run

Smily Ellie ❤

Speaking of her, I’ve been thinking about starting an Instagram account for our dogs. Well folks, today it happened! Follow them at @doodle_loving for some adorable goldendoodle pictures! You won’t be sorry! {Not that I’m biased or anything…}



Following our little run, I transformed into a cleaning machine! I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, family room, foyer, hallway, and my bedroom and bathroom. This lasted over several hours and now the house looks spic ‘n’ span! I’m not going to lie, a freshly cleaned house makes me feel super accomplished every time. Hooray for the little things in life!



I ran a few errands after cleaning, and then got home wanting dinner! I grilled some chicken along with making some homemade baked sweet potato fries, following Paula Deen’s recipe.

Sweet potato fries


I wish I could say these are the best sweet potato fries ever… but that would be lying. Now, before you decide you’ll never attempt this recipe, let me clarify. I was way too liberal with the seasoning. Since I was only cooking for one, I had to estimate the amount to put on… let’s just say that I was grossly overzealous. Normally I like salty foods a lot, but these had so much salt that it made my mouth pucker. It even baked in so I couldn’t rub off the excess! I am glad that I saved half of the potato for later this week though. I can tell that the flavor is really good and want a redo! I’ll let you know how it goes using a reasonable amount of seasoning. I have a feeling they will be flavorful and delicious!

Bentley night walkI ended the weekend with taking Bentley for an evening stroll. He’s such a spoiled hound 😉 We even got to meet a neighbor’s puppy!

I hope your weekend was as activity-filled or relaxed as you needed it to be!



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