{PUPPY} Pregnancy Confirmed!

This afternoon I had a big appointment on the agenda: take Lola to the vet to confirm her pregnancy! She is only about 2 weeks away from having her first litter!

Now, before people start freaking out and reprimanding my family for not getting her spayed, we wanted this to happen. It was planned. So don’t you worry yourselves!

I felt a little bad for Miss Lola because when I took her outside with her leash, she thought we were going on a nice afternoon walk. Not quite! More like a drive to her least favorite place. Although there were no shots involved this time, so I think it wasn’t too terrible for her.

I have been trying to educate myself on dogs giving birth through the best medium possible: Youtube. It’s a long process, so most videos are just snippets of the ordeal, but I got a general idea of everything. Here is one video if you’re interested! Warning: do not watch if you can’t handle “gross” stuff. You won’t enjoy this.

The vet was able to X-ray Lola’s {rapidly enlarging} belly, as well as find teeny tiny heartbeats.


Pregnant dog xray

How many puppies can you spot?

The were kind enough to give me a disk with the Xray pictures on it! Two veterinarians counted the puppies together, for extra confirmation. They agreed that there are for sure six, and possibly a seventh! Ohmygoodness. I can take her back again next week, when they have grown some more, to check again for the number again.



Lola says pregnancy is exhausting

I asked a lot of questions following the X-ray. I told her that I feel ill-prepared for all of this {my parents will likely be away on work and it will be my responsibility}. She gave me several sheets of literature on dog births as well as some good websites to read up on. I’m not worried about being squeamish or anything like that {I did major in Biology and want to go into medicine, after all}, but if complications arise, I want to be able to identify anything abnormal so I can rush her to the emergency vet. My main goal is for my Lola girl to have the smoothest delivery possible.

It’s time to prepare her whelping box and all of that good stuff! I’m super nervous, but excited all at the same time. We will have 9-10 Goldendoodles for a period of time! {Our three plus the pups} Crazy!


  • Has anyone seen a dog give birth before?

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