Hello, there!

Everything has been so hectic lately that I haven’t had a chance to write this “pupdate” as soon as I would have liked. So without further ado…

We took Lola back to the vet for a checkup and puppy recount. We wanted a more definitive count, just so we know what to expect. I must say… I am sure glad we did that! Last week, there were 6, maybe 7 puppies. This time, they counted 9, maybe 10. Whaaaaaat?!

Puppy Xray

Look any different?

I believe that last week some of the puppies were aligned and two looked like a single puppy in more than one location. They’re already sneaky little guys 😉 


Sweet Lola after her vet appointment

Lola has been even more exhausted than before and quite snappy towards our other female dog, Ellie. Motherly instincts are sure coming out! I have been taking her temperature several times a day. I learned that a temperature drop is a sure way of knowing she will go into labor in 24-48 hours. Nothing yet, but I think we merely have a few days left to wait! My mom and I are both incredibly anxious-excited… I can’t imagine how Lola feels! Poor thing.

We took the three doodles {Bentley, Lola, and Ellie} for a walk yesterday. Lola did well and they were all so happy!



Proud Dad and Mom {Bentley and Lola}


Giving Ellie some extra love

All that is left is waiting! My home will soon be filled with oodles of doodles! 


  • Any questions about Lola or the puppies? {I’ll answer if I can!}

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