Easter Weekend

This weekend flew by! {Still no puppies… in case you’re wondering. We think it’ll be tonight or tomorrow night!}


On Saturday, Paul and I had a day date! Even though the weather wasn’t nice, we managed to make the best of it! First, we had lunch at On the Border; my favorite restaurant. It’s probably the only place that I can order anything on the menu and like it! {Minus the seafood selection} For a picky eater, that’s pretty extraordinary! He had planned on us going to the Georgia Aquarium for the rest of the afternoon… but… when we arrived we saw a line that was ridiculously long. Apparently it being a holiday weekend + a Saturday + lots of stuff going on in Atlanta = looooooong lines. We knew that by the time would would have made it inside, there wouldn’t even be enough time to see everything before close. So, we made a game-time decision to save the aquarium for another day and go bowling instead! 

I’m not a good bowler, but I am proud to say that my high score of the day was 123! If I break 100 I’m happy, so this was great for me! Also, Paul got a turkey! Woohoo! We were both bowling better than we ever have and had such a fun time 🙂

Saturday night, we had an early Easter dinner with my parents. I got to pretend to be an only child for the event because none of my six siblings were home. I lived my childhood dream! {And loved every second of it, I must admit} 

My mom and I painstakingly scoured the grocery stores for a ham. You’re probably thinking that hams are abundant at this time. Well, you would be correct. But, remember me saying I’m a picky eater? The thing is, I despise sweet meat. Honey ham, maple ham, any sweet wood-smoked ham, maple bacon, etc. I’m cringing right now just thinking of those horrid combinations. In my opinion, meat should be savory. No exceptions. So, we were looking for a plain ham that I would eat. Not an easy task at ALL. We ended up buying a ham that came with a sugar glaze and just didn’t use the glaze for baking. {Those that wanted it put some on after it was finished} Worked out well enough!


Following dinner, I made some Cake Balls! I didn’t use a recipe and just winged it. I made a batch of homemade frosting and crumbled a Funfetti cake that I baked on Friday night. Paul was a good little sous chef and was in charge of melting {and remelting} the chocolate for dipping! They weren’t the prettiest dessert I’ve ever made, but they got the job done and tasted great!




Following the annual Freund family Easter basket hunt, we spent Sunday afternoon at his relatives’ house. We had a lovely time chatting to everyone and left with a full belly! Which reminds me… I always feel so bad when I am at someone else’s house for a holiday. My finicky taste buds are the cause of much awkwardness and apology, on my part. I wish I liked all foods; however, I simply don’t. I mostly snacked on crackers with cheese and carrots, which I was perfectly content with. But then when dessert came around, I naturally wanted one of everything. Needless to say, I fully indulged in dessert. Later that evening I felt so so so nauseous! I think that means I’m getting old. I rarely get sick from eating too much sugar, if ever, and am sad at this new outcome. Nooooo!

Overall, we had such a fun weekend. I completely enjoyed the company and festivities! 





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