Pupdate #3 {Six-Week Photo Shoot}

It’s that time again! Another “pupate!”

The puppies are now SIX WEEKS old! {Where did the time go?!} They are more “puppy-like” now, as opposed to the babies they were! Current favorite activities include: biting toes, biting ankles, biting hair, {notice a theme?} wrestling with each other, eating lots, chasing mini tennis balls, and following mama Lola around everywhere! They love people, too! It’s a whole new world now that they’re running around everywhere. I could watch them all day long… endless hours of entertainment!

We had our 6 week photo shoot last night. Another big shoutout and thank you to my friend, Brad Houston! He was so patient with the squirmy puppies and got some great shots!


For the photo shoot, we decided to let them out in the grass. It was their very first time in grass… needless to say they were completely enamored with the fluffy green stuff. Not to mention, they thought they were in heaven when they figured out they can bite the grass too! Neat stuff!

All of the puppies {except one} have been named by their soon-to-be forever families. I’ll make note of their old collar color, as well as their new name! This way you can compare to their Newborn Photo Shoot 🙂 I will also post the pictures in the same order as the Newborn Shoot, for ease in comparison.

Four Boys:

"Green Boy" {Sawyer}

“Green Boy” {Sawyer}

Sawyer will belong to my parents. He is quite the adventurer! If ever a puppy has escaped their fenced off area, I would bet money that it’s little Sawyer! He is already so loved and will fit in with our brood perfectly, as he has personality for days!


"White Boy" {Milo}

“White Boy” {Milo}

Milo is {in my opinion} the sweetest boy we have. He is always calm and never the one causing ruckus! His new family is thrilled and cannot wait to take their sweet little boy home!  He also a lucky guy because one of his sisters {“green girl”} is being adopted with him. Forever friends!


"Orange Boy" {Brody}

“Orange Boy” {Brody}

As you can tell from the picture, Brody is always smiling! A happy-go-lucky pup, just like his Aunt Ellie! He is playful and loves to cuddle. Brody is also a lucky boy because he will be next-door neighbors with one of his sisters, “purple girl.” They will be able to romp around together their whole lives; a fact that makes my heart smile.


"Blue Boy" {no name yet}

“Blue Boy” {no name yet}

As the first born of the litter, “blue boy” is still the largest puppy! He is the curliest boy and a very laid-back dude. He is the only male with a black nose and is just adorable. Although he doesn’t have a name quite yet, I think he will be getting one very soon! His family is also eagerly awaiting his arrival in two weeks, as they have never owned a dog before!


Six Girls:

"Yellow Girl" {Daphne}

“Yellow Girl” {Daphne}

Little Daphne is a sweetie pie. She is one of the quieter dogs and enjoys being held. Her face is more distinct than the others, which makes her easier to recognize! Daphne is quite the cuddle bug and never causing trouble. A perfect lady.


"Purple Girl" {Bailey}

“Purple Girl” {Bailey}

Bailey is the lucky girl that gets to spend her days living next to Brody! She is a go-getter and has one of the softest coats! Bailey loves wrestling and playing with the boys, which makes me extra glad she will have a brother around! Bailey and Brody look nearly identical to each other, too!


"Blue Girl" {Teddy}

“Blue Girl” {Teddy}

My precious baby girl. Teddy stole my heart the very second she was born, when she had a rougher start to life than the others. She is the darkest puppy and has bright blue-green eyes. I think it’s safe to say that her coloring is gorgeous! Teddy is shy, just like her mommy, Lola. I hold her constantly and rock her to sleep most nights… she may be a tad bit spoiled already 😉 I can’t help it though, I am so in love with her. She loves to carry around the mini tennis balls and take lots and lots of naps.


"Pink Girl" {Daisy}

“Pink Girl” {Daisy}

Curly, curly, curly. Adorable Daisy has a body full of curls! Like Teddy, Daisy is also on the shy side. She is perfectly content watching the others rough-house from a safe distance.  This pretty girl is sweet as can be and prefers a more quiet setting. Her new family can hardly wait to take her home!


"Green Girl" {Jenny}

“Green Girl” {Jenny}

This adventurous one is always on the move! Jenny has the most unique markings, as she is dark, with a white belly and chest. She loves playing and will run circles around you! I have a feeling that she will grow up to live for walks and playtime with her family! {Just like her Aunt Ellie}


"White Girl" {Annie}

“White Girl” {Annie}

Annie is another puppy that is always up for a good time! She is playful, but still likes to cuddle. She is also a pretty red color and has beautiful long eyelashes. Annie can hang with the big boys and chill out with her quieter sisters all the same. I love that her family named her Annie, as it goes with the red fur! Too cute.



As I’m sure you can imagine, trying to get still photos of little puppies was no easy feat. I have several pictures from our shoot that are sure to make you smile 🙂

Teddy: "Look guys! You can bite this green stuff!"

Teddy: “Look guys! You can bite this green stuff!”

Annie: I love life!

Annie: I love life!

Lola, Ellie, and little Daphne

Lola, Ellie, and little Daphne

Brody: Catch me if you can!

Brody: Catch me if you can!

And the grand finale….. {drumroll, please}


PHOTOBOMB! Brody and Lola


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