Old Shawnee Days {Recap}

Well, hello there!

I am back from yet another working excursion! This time, we traveled to the Kansas City area to work a cute little festival called “Old Shawnee Days.”


As you can see, my family travels A LOT. Driving 15 hours in one day to “go to work” is the norm. From this drive in particular, I got a few pretty photos… which is surprising because they were shot through a car window traveling 70+ mph!

Midwest Collage.jpg


Paul and I made good time, mostly thanks to him driving. {I’m not exactly a speedster} When we arrived in Missouri, we stopped for dinner at a Chick-fil-A. We found something special on the menu that is absent at our greater Atlanta locations… any guesses?




Delicious and nutritious! Okay, so maybe not nutritious. But we had to try it out! I’m a tough cheese critic {it is my favorite food, after all} and this creamy bowl passed the test. I hope we will be seeing queso on Chick-fil-A menus near home soon!


The following four days, I spend working our two trailers at the festival. I enjoyed the small-town feel that Old Shawnee Days provided. There was music, child entertainment, a carnival, food, and some neat merchandise available for purchase.

When the weather wasn’t ideal {a storm did blow through} one afternoon, I had the opportunity to look around. I ended up purchasing a few things! From an animal shelter tent, I bought a little doggie collar bow tie for Sawyer {my mom’s puppy} and a neat chew rope for my puppy, Teddy that was crafted by a troop of Girl Scouts. I always like to support animal fostering programs. One main reason {besides me being a huge animal lover} is that all three of my cats were rescues. They bring so much joy to my life and I would want that for everyone! I also bought a bag of homemade granola called “Hippie Chow.” They had six flavors and I ended up with the Chai Spice… Chai and granola combined into one delicious item? YES PLEASE! I’m pretty sure this stuff was made for me 😉 I have a hunch that I will end up buying some more online once I polish off my bag!

Hippie Chow

Besides my brief shopping expedition, I was selling slushies and fries to the fine folks of Shawnee Mission, KS.

As always, you can’t not laugh a lot when my brothers, Paul, and I are together…


Working hard, or hardly working?

Working hard, or hardly working?

On two mornings, my dad had sent Paul and I to the restaurant supply store to pick up a few things. We had never been to one before. Let’s just say it was like BJs/Sam’s Club/Costco on steroids! Everything was super-super-super sized! My favorite item was a gigantic wheel of cheese:

IMG_5568Not gonna lie… I totally wanted to buy this for myself! Too bad I don’t actually need 75 pounds of cheese.

Overall, we had a good weekend! I was awfully glad to come home and see my sweet puppies again though 🙂



  • Has anyone else ever been to a restaurant supply store? What did you think?
  • Do you enjoy long car trips? I do if I don’t have to drive a lot… it’s great reading time!

Talk to you again soon!



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