One More Try! {Weekend Recap}

Hello again!

This weekend I was one busy girl! But before we get to that, here’s a little snippet of my morning:


My mom and I made our way to the gym to take our usual BodyPump class. Let’s just say the weekend had a huge toll on me! I felt like an old woman because I was very sore. I ended up going down in weights on several tracks because I physically could not lift the amount I normally do. But, I still completed everything and got a good workout in!


On Saturday, I worked all pretty much all day. Several hours in the morning and afternoon first, followed by a brief two hour lunch break, then I babysat the rest of the evening. During those couple hours at home, we were in a severe thunder and lightening storm. My house was struck by lightening at this time and some of the power got messed up. We are still working through what does and doesn’t work. Gotta love good ‘ole Mother Nature!

Sunday; however, definitely evened out my weekend work/fun ratio! Friends of Paul and I bought a boat this summer and invited us to spend a day out on Lake Lanier with them. We had the best time! Although I have lived in Georgia for eight years {what?!}, I have never been out on Lake Lanier. I was surprised how pretty it was!

Lake LanierIt was also a picturesque day to be out on the water. Sunny blue skies as far as the eye could see!

Because it wasn’t an ideal day weather-wise on Saturday, the lake was packed on Sunday! Boats and jet skis everywhere. This made the wake a force to be reckoned with!

Paul enjoying the lake

Paul enjoying the lake

We decided that we should try to ski early before even more people come out to enjoy the beautiful day. This was a great thought in theory, but the water was still too rough for a first-timer like myself to successfully get up. I tried and tried and tried! I so badly wanted to experience the thrill of water skiing, but it looks like my efforts came up empty-handed. I am definitely wanting to go back until I get the hang of it! Whether or not that’s the stubborn in me coming out or the determinedness, I don’t really care. I’m not giving up on this just yet! I know I can do it! It’s my new mission of the summer.

Kristi Paul lake


After our friend Jenna went skiing {who assured me conditions were horrible for a learner}, we decided to forget water skiing for the rest of the day. Paul never did try because he knew it wouldn’t be a good experience. We spent the rest of the day hanging out in coves, eating a packed lunch, cruising around Lake Lanier, and lots and lots of tubing!

Paul and Justin Tubing

Paul and Justin Tubing

I hadn’t been tubing in a long, long time. It made me feel like a kid again big time! {Never a bad thing!} We went in all sorts of combinations. I started with Paul, but that didn’t last long. Our weight was too uneven and I was flying around everywhere! I felt like a spider monkey holding on for dear life! I also went solo and with Jenna a couple of times. Going with Jenna was my favorite! We were laughing and screaming the entire time!

For as easy as tubing seems, my body was exhausted afterwards! You don’t realize how much muscle you are incorporating while you’re in action. Tight grip, braced core, leaning to the side, etc. Afterwards, my hands were so shaky I couldn’t even hold onto my drink! Must have been that Spider Monkey grip 😉 It was soooo worth it though!

I love love love being out on the water. Whether it’s swimming, floating down a river, white water rafting, boating, and even unsuccessful water skiing; water is one of my happy places. There was a big smile plastered on my face the entire day. I was so thankful that Justin and Jenna asked us to come out on the lake with them!

Jenna Kristi lake


As our long day at Lake Lanier came to a close, Paul and I realized how sunburnt we were. Whoops! We were even diligent with reapplying too… guess it happens to the best of us! He got it worse than I did, but I’ll just look at our burns as a little lake souvenir!

Paul Kristi lake


We drove back to their house, where Justin and his wonderful mom prepared us delicious hamburgers and hot dogs! Everyone was ravenous! Then, we turned on the recorded USA-Portugal World Cup game that we missed and watched it. I’ll admit to anyone that soccer is my least favorite sport {I much prefer high scoring games}, but it was still fun cheering on my country! I wish the last twenty seconds of the game hadn’t happened… that was close.

All in all, I had an incredibly fun weekend with some wonderful people. A big shout out and thank you again to Justin and Jenna!

Happy Monday, everyone!



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