Energizing Weekend

Hi there!

This weekend {and Monday} have been full of activities! It’s kind of a hodge-podge of stuff, so bear with me!


Friday morning, I woke early. And no, not just because my puppy woke me up. It was another lake day!!!! I think it goes without saying, but I was pumped! I met my friends again and we drove to Lake Lanier. Although the weather forecast was on the sketchy side, it all worked in our favor. The storms surrounded the lake at times, but never directly interfered with us.

I felt that it was my day to successfully get up on the water skis. There were hardly any other boats out {we think the forecast scared most people away} and the lake was blissfully still. I was the first to attempt of the day. After several tries, I had inhaled copious amounts of water and decided to call a quits for the moment. There would be more time later in the day… I just wanted the burning in my nose to stop!

Other people skied, we cruised around, ate lunch, and then I decided it was time to try again. I still felt it was my day. After several more tries…. I GOT UP! Then immediately fell down. But who cares? I GOT UP! Everyone was right when telling me it is like riding a bike though. After my first time getting up, I was able to do it every time after that! I finally figured out how to stay up for longer than 3 seconds and had one decent run over 3 minutes! My form is horrendous, but I’m sure it will come together with practice. I was incredibly thrilled!

For dinner, we went back to their house and had the most amazing tacos. Maybe it was because we were starving, but they seriously hit the spot! Paul was able to join us too. He didn’t have off Friday and was at work while we were having fun on the lake.


Saturday morning, I made my way home and immediately hit the gym. Although water skiing is physical activity, I felt myself wanting to run. I knocked out a quick 3.5 miles at the gym {running in the afternoon in Georgia in June= bad idea} and felt much better.

Paul and I headed to our friend Erin’s place to have some dinner that night. It’s been way too long since we’ve seen her and it’s always great to catch up! Fun fact: The two of us would have never met had it not been for Erin!

We went to a great barbecue  restaurant and left completely stuffed. I’ll never say no to a good smoked brisket sandwich! Plus, their macaroni and cheese was to die for! We watched a movie and shared a gin bucket the rest of the night. My full stomach only allowed me to have one drink… I’m such a wimp, I know.


After Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, we made our way back to my house to continue our weekend of randomness. I had wanted to see the movie Maleficent for a couple of weeks and we finally made it happen! We both thought the movie was… weird. Not really in a good or bad way, just weird. I didn’t like rooting for a traditional villain, it seemed so wrong!


After dinner, we went on a super quick walk with miss Teddy! She is still very new to walking on a leash and is hilarious with it! She tends to “walk herself” and I can’t help but laugh every time. She looks so darn cute prancing with the leash in her mouth!

Paul Kristi Teddy walk


These two make me so happy 🙂


This morning began with a thirty minute cardio warm-up on the elliptical trainer before beginning BodyPump! It was a great class {isn’t it always?} and  I left feeling sufficiently challenged. I did back off on the lower body weights though because the Peachtree Road Race is on Friday morning and I don’t want sore legs for the 10k!

After lunch, my mom and I headed out to take Teddy and Daphne on a little trip to Petsmart!

"Where are we going?"

“Where are we going?”

We knew that they were going to draw all kinds of attention {since they’re the cutest puppies to ever live, and all} and we were correct. The girls liked looking around and ultimately fell asleep in the shopping cart.

Sleepy girls in Petsmart

Sleepy girls in Petsmart

I bought some more things for Teddy. My favorite purchase is a Kong teddy bear that is the same color as she is.

Teddy with her teddyDon’t mind her crazy hair… I had just given her a bath! She was only half-way dry. ha


That’s about all for now! Today has been one of those errand-running days… lots to get done in the next couple of days.


  • Does your dog enjoy Petsmart {or other pet-friendly stores}?



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