Peachtree Road Race Recap

As promised, here is my Peachtree Road Race recap from the Fourth of July!

Peachtree Design.jpg


If you remember, I hinted at an awesome experience when talking about my Independence Day as a whole.


Although we woke early and took MARTA {Atlanta’s public transportation network}, I felt energized from the get-go! A temperature of 63 definitely had something to do with my overly excited mood. How often do you see that temperature in July? Rarely, if ever around here!

Paul Kristi PeachtreeAs you can see, we got there very early. I despise being rushed on the morning of a race because it causes me to panic and ruins my mental state. I was pleased to have time to spare!

My best running buddy, Coty arrived a bit later. I met up with her and we started to head over to our corrals. {The Peachtree has Corrals A-Y… so many!} At one point, Paul had to head a different direction to his corral.

Peachtree crowds


I tried to take a picture to show the thousands of people all waiting to run. I don’t actually know this man in the front… whoops! If only I was taller!

As the first few corrals began, everyone moves closer and closer to the start line.

Peachtree flagA giant flag adorns the start line. This flag is iconic to the race and great care goes into hanging it on the crane.

Kristi Coty Peactree


Coty and I always have a pre-race photo together. This year’s Peachtree was no exception. SMILE!


Once our corral made it’s way up to the front, I felt a rush of adrenaline. This was it! Here we go!

As you go through the start, the news crews are set up above and encourage you to smile and cheer for the cameras {as if I needed any help!} I always wonder if we made it on tv! Guess I’ll never know.

The beginning of such a big race is always a little hairy. It’s tough to run and not trip all over the people surrounding you… we did our best though and soon enough the pack dispersed.

Peachtree Race Splits

For not training specifically for this race, I was happy with our official finishing time of 1:00.46! One of my running goals is to run a 10k in under an hour. I am so, so close to achieving this goal! We dropped nearly 8 minutes from last year’s time; a huge feat by any running standard!

From looking at our splits above, can you guess which mile the big hill was at? That’s right, mile 5! It wasn’t horrible though and we kept on trucking. There may have been an extended water break here to catch our breath though!

I felt as though I gave this race about an 85% effort. I definitely had more in me, but was honestly more concerned with taking in everything that is “The Peachtree.” Thousands of spectators lining the entire course, live bands at every mile, a best friend by my side, patriotic outfits, and more all made for a 10k that absolutely flew by! I remember thinking at the halfway point that it can’t possibly be halfway over already! I wanted to soak it all up.

There is such a huge difference between enjoying a race and not. I thoroughly enjoyed the Disney Princess Half Marathon this past February, Atlanta 10 miler last October, as well as this year’s Peachtree Road Race. Not all races are that way, though! The Virginia Beach Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon I did last year was misery at it’s finest. I have learned to appreciate the races where I don’t want to keel over!


Once we crossed the finish line and received our coveted Peachtree T-shirt, we relaxed in beautiful Piedmont Park for a bit until my mom found us. She had gotten a number and ran last minute with zero training. {Her experience wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as mine}


Post-race sweat!

Post-race sweat!

There were tons of Publix food tents set up with the typical post-race fare of bananas, bagels, granola bars, water and sports drink, pretzels, etc. I’m never starving right when I finish a race, but I made sure to grab some snacks to take back with me because I knew hunger would strike while riding home on MARTA!

We also had to take copious amounts of pictures because, why not?

Peachtree Peach

My mom and I

My mom and I

Paul Kristi Prachtree

{Photo credits to Coty for this one!}

Ice cream sandwiches and popsicles!

Ice cream sandwiches and popsicles!

Paul, me, Jenna, Justin

Paul, me, Jenna, Justin

Don’t you just love all of the red, white, and blue? I know I do! USA

Although this was only my second year running in the Peachtree Road Race, I see it easily becoming a holiday tradition for me! I absolutely love this race!


  • Have you ever run the Peachtree Road Race?
  • Do you like celebrating holidays with fun runs? I think it’s a great way to get the family active!




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