Hi there!

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot about the website called “FreeFlys.” It’s a site dedicated to providing information on how to get free samples from various companies, as well as coupons.

In the past, I’ve always had trepidations with this kind of stuff. Sounds too good to be true and all that. For some unknown reason, I felt inspired to sign up for the site today. I chose a few different beauty samples {a lip balm and shampoo} I wanted to receive and filled out the required information.

I’m super interested to see if they actually come! {Or if it’s just a hoax to get my email address} The website said that it typically takes 4-8 weeks to receive the samples. I will let you know if they show up!



  • Have you ever signed up to receive free samples through mail? Did you receive them?
  • Ever heard of FreeFlys?




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