11 Random Things That Make Me Happy

Hi all!

I briefly mentioned before that July has been a crazy month for me. Truth be told, I am physically, emotionally, and mentally worn down. I have been fighting a barrage of negative thoughts for several weeks and am so looking forward to August. August will be a million times better than July has been. Why? Because I believe it will. And that, my friends, is reason enough!

In the midst of this gloom, I have been giving some major thought to the little things every single day that can put a smile on my face. It’s always important to remember to rejoice in anything and everything that makes you happy! Here’s a list of some random things that make me happy:


1. Teddy.

Kristi & Teddy Collage.jpg

This little girl causes me to smile more each day than anything else. She’s a total goofball and shows me unconditional love. What more could you possibly ask for? I feel so lucky to have her in my life 🙂

2. Smell of Fresh-Cut Grass

This is seriously my favorite smell in the entire world. I love it so much! Whenever I am driving or walking past someone mowing their lawn, I have to take a big whiff in to just soak it all up. I probably look like a weirdo, but fresh-cut grass never fails to make me smile. If anyone buys me a candle of this scent, I’ll love you forever!

3. Driving with the Windows Down

I know this is a love it or hate it kind of thing. I’m in camp love it! For some reason, feeling the wind on your face while you drive makes me feel so free and alive. It’s too hot here to do this a lot, but I’ve been known to blast my car AC while I have the windows down. Pointless? Maybe. But it makes me happy and I don’t care.

4. Chai Tea Lattes

chai  {Photo Source}

Since I’m not a coffee drinker, chai is my go-to cafe drink. Whether they’re hot or iced, I don’t discriminate. I’ll take it either way! How can you not be happy when you’re essentially drinking “Christmas in a cup?” Yum.

5. Country Music {this summer}

I’ve grown up listening to country music. LeAnn Rimes was my first favorite artist and I’ve always enjoyed the story-telling aspect the country uniquely offers. This summer, I am obsessed with every.single.song. Turning on the radio the past few months does not disappoint! {Unless they are playing commercials! BOO!} A few current favorites include Leave the Night On by Sam Hunt, Dirt by Florida Georgia Line, We Are Tonight by Billy Currington, Burnin’ it Down by Jason Aldean, Play it Again by Luke Bryan, Ready Set Roll by Chase Rice, and Somewhere in my Car by Keith Urban. Like I said… I love ’em all!

6. Exercising

Regardless how bad or hard of a day I’ve had, there is something about working out that brings me peace of mind. Doesn’t matter if it’s running, using the elliptical, or my beloved BodyPump, exercise leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment… not to mention awesome endorphins! Even if I start out not really in the right mindset, I never regret getting my sweat on.

7. Getting Lost in a Book

the one and only here i go again

I’ve always been a big fan of reading. I particularly enjoy “chick lit” because I completely get wrapped up in some romantic comedy and momentarily forget my life. My two favorite authors are Emily Giffin and Jen Lancaster. Both are such talents and I have read every single one of their books! Perfect for summer.

8. Chocolate

Enough said.

9. A Clean House

For whatever reason, I feel the best when I am surrounded by cleanliness. It takes away a lot of anxiety for me and puts me in the best mood possible.

10. Rainstorms {when you want them}

I know if you have some fun plans, then rainstorms completely ruin everything. BUT if you just want to take a day and decompress, I would vote for a stormy day every time. It’s nice to feel like you shouldn’t be doing anything because of the weather and act accordingly. Bonus points if you are cuddling with a pet, reading a book, and sipping on some chai tea. Lovely.

11. Finishing a Bottle of Soap

soap{Photo Source}

Random? Yes. You may recall that I made an odd New Year’s Resolution this year: to not buy any body wash or lotion in 2014 because I have a bathroom full of it. I have held strong on my resolution! The Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale this summer was difficult! But every time I polish off a bottle, I am determinately giddy. It feels soooo good to be using what I already have and not breaking my promise to myself! Plus, I get sick of scents at an alarming rate, so it’s always exciting to finish a bottle because it means I get to start another one!


That’s my list! I’m sure there are a million more little things that make me happy, but those a the first few that popped into my head.



  • What are some random things that make YOU happy?

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