Weekend Recap

Hi there!

This weekend was a good great one! I was busy, but the kind of busy where you’re having fun and hardly notice!


Friday night, I had a girl’s night with my good friend, Meagan! Her family got two of the puppies, Jenny and Milo… so we knew a puppy reunion was in order. We went out to dinner and then let the puppies go at it. I absolutely believe they remembered each other!


IMG_6289   IMG_6288

Teddy and Jenny {top photo} look so similar! They also act more like poodles than the others. Lots and lots of energy!

Look at those big babies! They’re almost too big to hold. Almost.


Saturday morning started with…. you guessed it! A BodyPump class! So far, I have been on the stage a few times, “shadowing” another instructor. {I’m doing the whole class with them, but not speaking} It was super weird at first to be facing everyone and not be in the mix with the class, but I’m getting more and more used to it each time. I was invited to teach one track if I felt ready. The option was totally up to me. Although I felt prepared, I was still hesitant to immediately jump on that. It’s one thing to know the choreography and all of that good stuff, but another to do it in front of ~50 people who are depending on you to get their workout! I was tempted to say I wasn’t ready yet. Like, seriously tempted. But, I decided that “If not now, when?” and just bit the bullet. I did it! I may not have said exactly everything that I wanted to or performed everything with textbook form {working on that}, but I taught a track! And you know what? Even though I was nervous, I felt so amazing afterwards! The instructor I was with and class participants were all incredibly encouraging. I can’t thank them enough! It’s a scary thing for me, but I still am so glad to be going through all of this! It was definitely a phenomenal way to kick off this weekend!


On Saturday evening, I had a date with Paul!


He had planned to take me somewhere fun and gave in when I asked where we were going. We were going to Dave & Buster’s! I was ridiculously excited because I have never been there and have been wanting to go for a while now. Well, I did pop in once {in Dallas for my cousin’s rehearsal dinner for her wedding}, but at the time, we got there as everyone in our party was leaving and decided to go with them. So this plan was music to my ears!

We had the BEST night there! After playing a bunch of games, we both loved playing the Monopoly Arcade game most. It wasn’t typical Monopoly that takes all night, don’t worry. It was pretty quick and I had a knack for rolling well! In one game of Monopoly, we won 1,750+ tickets. {Yes, you read that correctly!} The machine even ran out of tickets and we had to get an employee to refill. Pretty much, I hit the jackpot! Vegas, here we come 😉

D&B Monopoly


I also had a delicious drink that was so me.

Dave & Busters drinkI don’t remember the exact name of it, but it was pretty much a key lime and coconut heavenly concoction. The bartender said “Ewww” when I ordered, which I thought was uncalled for. Let a girl order a girly drink with no shame!! Come on, man!

Once we had run out of credits on our D&B card after several hours, we decided to cash out and see what our tickets would get us! The store area seemed pretty dismal… Stuff was all over the place, sold out, or just junk. Maybe because it’s the end of summer? I don’t know. Anyway, because our “winnings” were substantial, we had quite a few options! In the end, we decided to redeem them for six pint glasses plus a few pieces of candy! The glasses are nice quality and practical. Monopoly for the win!

Dave & Buster's pint glasses

While we were there I remember thinking this was the most fun date I’ve ever been on. Now thinking back, it still holds true! We were smiling and laughing all night long. Going there was a great idea by Paul. I’m thinking there’s a good chance we’ll be back!


Our Sunday started with an epic dog walk. We took my family’s three grown Goldendoodles {Bentley, Lola, and Ellie} for a 2.5 mile walk. When we returned, we swapped out dogs for the three baby Goldendoodles! My Teddy, and my parent’s Daphne and Sawyer. Their walk was a little shorter, but the furthest they’ve ever gone! It took around 2 hours total and at the end we had six wiped out dogs!

Here are a ton of pictures we snapped on our walking adventure:


Bentley, Lola, and Ellie

IMG_6311    IMG_6312

IMG_6313    IMG_6314

IMG_6315    IMG_6316

IMG_6317    IMG_6319


Half-way break!


Me and the Teddy bear

The rest of the weekend I just studied anatomy and did some chores around the house. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend! I loved being able to spend time with my friend, Paul, and my canine companions- spread the love!


  • Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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