Happy Saturday to all of you! I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for this weekend!

I’m going to do a little review of my day yesterday… because… it’s worth talking about. It was absolutely a roller coaster of a day!

roller coaster clip art


My Friday started off so well! I woke up, took a couple dogs for a walk, did some things around the house, and even made my sister and I breakfast tacos! I was helping her move back into college all day and knew we could use some good fuel. I also was keeping a very close eye on the clock because at 10:00, the Garth Brooks tickets were going on sale for his Atlanta show next month! Paul and I had to go! {Fun fact: Garth hasn’t played Atlanta for 18 years, since before he retired to raise his family}

Right when it hit 10:00, I clicked the “Best Available” seats option. The computer was working for the five longest minutes of my life, but in the end, I scored two tickets! I was elated!!! Is it September yet?

Following my major victory, I helped Kayla load up the car so we could get going. We decided to take my brother’s car up there because mine was too small to fit all of her dorm goodies in. Not a big deal. Kayla drove up there since I hate driving {in a big way}. The only annoying thing is that his car has had some electrical problems and the radio had to be disconnected… so it was a pretty boring ride. Luckily we had each other!

Once we got to her school {~2 hours away} she had some Financial Aid issues to take care of. All in all, that took about an hour and she was thankfully able to move in. We unpacked the full car and got a late lunch at ChickfilA. We were glad to have beat the storms that were looming over the whole state!


As we said our goodbyes, the skies opened up. Just my luck! Oh well, rain won’t kill me. Kayla had a meeting to go to and I was leaving with more than enough time left to make it to the gym to shadow BodyPump! Everything would work out so well! Or so I thought…

When I got in the car, I went about my routine adjusting the seat and mirrors and all that fun stuff. I pumped the seat up so I could see over the steering wheel {I should probably mention that Kayla is a solid 6-7 inches taller than me} and went to move the seat closer. Here was my first problem. The electrical circuit that moves the seat closer was not working and I couldn’t move it forward. I couldn’t reach the gas pedal! So… I drove by sporadically touching the gas with the tip of my big toe. People probably thought this was my first day driving. It was rough.

His car also said that a door was open. I pulled over in the pouring rain to check all the doors. The light went off, so I thought I fixed it. When I got back up to speed {thanks, big toe} the light came on again. This time I pulled over at a gas station and opened/closed the trunk. Light still came back on. Maybe it’s always on? I still don’t know the answer to that…

I decided that although my phone battery was only at 35%, that playing some songs from it wouldn’t drain it too much. Especially if I turned off the screen. At least now I had something to think about other than my right foot going numb from having it so stretched out. I sang along to some Garth Brooks {I was still on a high from getting those tickets} and was doing fine. Paul called to tell me that there was crazy bad Atlanta traffic because the storms had partially flooded some of the major roads. We talked a couple minutes before I said I had to go because I wanted some phone battery to last the whole way, just in case. I also decided I didn’t need to listen to music anymore because it had drained my battery more than I had anticipated.

I finally hit that traffic Paul had warned me about. After creeping along in the single digits, I knew that my hopes of going to the gym to shadow were squashed. I just wanted to get home by this point. He called me again to see where I was and maybe meet up to sit out traffic and the storm. We were too far apart though and it wasn’t going to work out. Especially because traffic was a beast. 

By this point, I needed to use the restroom and also Kevin’s car was guzzling gas at a much faster rate than I was used to! I told myself that I would get off at the next exit. I just really didn’t want to get gas in downtown Atlanta and battle that traffic on top of everything. Well, I ended up passing three exits {this took half an hour} because they were all exits to other highways and I didn’t want to be counter-productive. Finally, I got off at the next exit because my bladder was about to burst and gas was getting dangerously low. In the heart of downtown Atlanta. Naturally.

I got gas first because the lines were long and I didn’t think I’d be able to turn around in the small, crowded parking lot. I was actually doing the “potty dance” that two-year olds do when they have to go. Legs were crossed, swaying back and forth, the whole nine yards. I then ran inside, frantically searching for the restroom. I found it! With a sign that said “Out of Order.” NO. WAY. I ran over to the cashier, who was in the middle of checking someone out, and blurted out “isyourbathroomreallybroken????? It’sanEMERGENCYYYYYYYYY” He told me I could use it. Nastiest bathroom ever. But I didn’t care…. I managed to not pee down my own leg, so I’ll consider that a victory!

I go back out to my brother’s car and was happy that I escaped that disaster by the narrowest of margins. I go to start the car, and…. nothing. Ummm what? I tried again and again and it was not starting. I started locking and unlocking the doors {at an attempt to reveal the magical code to starting it? Not sure. I was freaking out.}. This went on for about ten minutes. At this point, my phone had 3% battery left. I could make one quick phone call. So I chose Paul because nobody was home at my house and he was just in Atlanta. I was the picture of calm, cool, and collected. Okay, not so much. I started crying the second he answered. He kept trying to tell me to drop a pin so he could find me and I was crying that I didn’t know how. I’ve only done it once ever, give me a break. So I started describing everything around me and then my phone promptly died. Lovely.

Somehow, I miraculously got the car to start about 7 minutes after that and left the gas station, worried that if I turned it off to wait for Paul that it would have to be towed home. {I still wasn’t close to my house yet} So off I went, thinking that Paul was probably calling in the police force to find me.

I made it home and immediately plugged my phone in. A two hour drive had turned into nearly four torturous hours. I was beat.

I let out all six dogs and started calling/texting Paul to tell him I made it back. I wasn’t really watching the dogs as I was trying to account for the afternoon’s events.

After twenty minutes or so, I realized how long it had been and went to go corral up the doodles.


The three grown dogs came immediately when I called them. I thought the three babies had gone exploring in the woods again {Ughhh} and I needed to find them. First, I went to check to see if they were out front. On my way, I went through the garage and was stopped in my tracks by the most foul odor that my poor nose has ever smelled. {smelt?} I immediately started searching for an animal carcass that they had brought in. I didn’t find anything tangible, but it absolutely reeked. I cannot even describe how bad this smell was. I don’t know how I didn’t vomit from the smell alone. Confused, I continued outside to find all of the dogs crowded around an area in the grass rolling in and eating something. Uh oh.

The good news is that there was no dead animal. The bad news is they found a dozen rotten eggs. Literally. Rotten eggs.

I flew inside and got a garbage bag, where I started tossing the rotten eggs in {with my bare hands…. makes me cringe thinking about that now}. All of the dogs smelled like rotten eggs and I was on the verge of tears again. Why me??? And why all in one day???

I put the nasty dogs in their crates and went on a walk with my friend, Katy, because I needed to tell someone about my trying afternoon. I didn’t know what to do about the dogs.

When we got back 45 minutes later, she offered to help me wash them off outside. Of course when we started, the storms started back up. It had to be done though. We washed six dogs outside in a thunder and lightening storm. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the night ended by me getting struck by lightening.

The dogs didn’t make my nostril hairs curl anymore and I went to bed. Not before consuming copious amount of ice cream though.

Also, my friend bought me a car charger. Thanks, Erin! I clearly need that 😀

And THAT was my Friday. Now everyone can go and feel good about themselves, because I bet your Friday wasn’t that awful!


  • Never go anywhere without a car-charger. Ever.
  • Dogs are disgusting creatures.
  • My brother’s car is stupid.

but at least I get to see Garth!!!


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