BodyPump Video

Long time, no talk!

I’ve been horrible lately. I apologize about that. It’s been pretty crazy around here lately {as usual…}


This past weekend I hit a pretty big milestone, I taped my BodyPump video to be reviewed by Les Mills. This was on Sunday evening, so I pretty much spent all of last week stressing myself out and practicing a million times {hence lack of blogging}. As you might imagine, my body was super tired come Sunday night.

The reason for recording a video of me teaching an entire BodyPump release is for the company to make sure that I am practicing good technique, using proper coaching cues, and am motivating! It’s a nerve-racking process for us, but I completely understand why it is necessary.

I felt so.much.relief after I finished teaching for my video! Naturally, Paul and I had to go out and celebrate with dinner!


We decided to go to Taco Mac for dinner. If you aren’t from around here, it’s a restaurant/bar with a ridiculous amount of TVs that they always have on sports games. The food is casual and it’s just a fun atmosphere.

So happy it's over!

So happy it’s over! {Don’t mind my deformed thumb}

I am supposed to watch my video to make sure I want to send it in… but watching yourself on tape is {to me} a severe form of torture. I couldn’t take it. I only made it through 12 minutes of 60. I think that has to do with us being our own worst critic. So I’m just going to send it in and hope for the best!

Anyway, back to dinner. I scarfed down some buffalo chicken tenders and sweet potato fries for my entree.

Get in my belly!

Get in my belly!

I also told Paul we must order dessert. I was all about celebrating that night! We got the S’mores brownie.

Taco Mac s'mores brownie


We were both actually a little disappointed with this dessert. Although it looks awesome, it just needed a little somethin’ somethin’ extra. I think a scoop of ice cream would have added some more dimension. {That marshmallow around the edge was only around the edge… not all the way through. Bummer!}

We sat out an intense storm while eating. Afterwards, the sky looked really neat.

Sky after storm


Besides preparing for my video this weekend, I also ran 8 {hilly} miles on Saturday morning, had Sunday brunch with Paul, and took copious amounts of pictures of Teddy as per usual.

Sunday Brunchday

Sunday Brunchday

I love that face

I love that face




  • Anyone else hit a milestone this weekend?
  • Do you despise watching yourself on video as much as I do?

Hope you’re having a great day!



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