Is This “Real Life?”

Well, hello there!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been MIA now for quite some time.

I started my new job three weeks ago and am loving it! It is definitely taking some adjusting though getting my life into a new routine. Here are some of the changes:

  • Working 8-5:30 leaves little time to do much else (obvious, I know)
  • I’m having to wake up around 4:30-5 am to do my running and BodyPump in the morning. I could exercise after work, but I know myself… and I know that after work all I want to do is eat dinner and walk Teddy. So the chances of me working out at that time are pretty slim. Since I highly value exercise, I make time for it before I head out for work with all the other crazies!
  • Less time with my pets. This one makes me sad because I don’t ever want my beloved animals to feel like I don’t love them… that couldn’t be further from the truth!
  • Less time with Paul. We now both have full time jobs, which is AWESOME! But we have found out that we need to actually schedule time to see each other or it won’t happen.
  • I find myself being too exhausted to blog when I do have some minimal free time. Which is a shame because it’s something that I enjoy. I have all of these posts that I want to write {Garth Brooks concert recap, an oatmeal pumpkin spice cookie recipe that I came up with, a “pupdate”, our trip to the fair, etc} and I have yet to even download the pictures….
  • Simple errands take some major planning. Things like going to the grocery store and bank that used to be easy are now a huge hassle. There is only one hour a week that my bank is open and I am not working. So if I need to go, that’s my only chance for the week!

There’s a little glimpse into how my life has changed this fall. Different is not necessarily a bad thing and once I make these changes a habit, it’ll be all good 🙂 In the meantime, I will try my best to write some more on here! I value each and every one of my readers {thank you!} and haven’t forgotten about you!

Have a great night!


  • Has your life changed drastically lately? How so?
  • Are you able to workout after work? Or do you prefer early like me?

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