What Dreams Are Made Of

Hello party people!

This weekend I was all over the place in the best way! Hang on tight because you’ll be exhausted even reading about this fun-packed weekend.

Birthday dinner. Apartment hunting {!!!}. Wedding #1. Atlanta 10 Miler race. More apartment hunting. Wedding #2. 


Immediately following work on Friday, I drove up to help celebrate Paul’s moms birthday in Snellville. Ribs and cake were eaten and a great time was had by all! {I foolishly did not take any pictures… so unlike me} It’s been far too long since I have seen them and I’m thankful I was able to come up for the evening. Happy birthday, Chris!


On Saturday afternoon, Paul and I started searching for our first apartment together. Imsoexcited. We had been doing tons of online research and decided it was finally time to hit the pavement and go see some of our top choices in person. It didn’t take long to decide on a couple factors that were important to us and we narrowed down our list further. It was tedious to travel around and visit different complexes, but exhilarating all the same! I am beyond ready to move out of my parents house and am thrilled it is finally happening. {That’s not to knock my parents, but I feel old and pathetic living at home}

kristi paul

Does anyone remember my two New Year’s Resolutions I made in January? No? They were to not buy any body wash and use up my massive stockpile {still holding true to that one} and to move out. Cheers to a successful 2014 to me!

Following our whirlwind tour around town, we got ready for the wedding between my dear friend Meagan and her new husband, Cooper. They had a sweet wedding held at a charming venue out in the country.

paul kristi wedding

Sharing a smile with the bride and groom :)

Sharing a smile with the bride and groom 🙂

Doesn’t Meagan look beautiful? Such a stunning bride she made!

We sadly had to leave the wedding early, which is something I prefer not to do. The reason was because I had to wake up before 5 AM the morning to get ready for a race! Busy busy busy!


Right on time, my alarm went off early in the morning. I got ready and we started our drive to Atlanta. When we were down the road about 7 minutes I realized that I forgot my race number. Big problem!!! Luckily, we had enough time to turn around so I could run in and retrieve my missing number. Phew!

Also, big shout out to Paul for waking up early and coming to the race to cheer me on! He’s the best.

Shortly before the race began, I met up with my friends Coty and Jade so we could run together. I still say some of the best friends a girl can have are running friends! Fundamentally, you will have a drive that most people simply do not possess. {Some people may call it a craziness…} Not to mention lots of time to just chat while you are training! Love it.

We started the race knowing all too well that it is probably the hilliest course we have run to date. It was a pretty intimidating course! With that in mind, we set a loose goal of “finishing under 1:45 would be nice. But really I just don’t want to die and stay strong.”


I am proud to announce that we finished in 1:44. For 10 miles, that is a 10:21 pace, which I consider a win for how insanely hilly the course was! For those of you familiar with Atlanta, it included the infamous “Cardiac Hill” in it’s entirety.

10 miler medals

We also received our Triple Peach medals at this race! To be a “Triple Peacher” you must complete the Peachtree Road Race, Atlanta 10 Miler, and Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving day in the same year. Coty and I both earned this honor last year as well as this year! Double Triple Peachers! You get the magnetic piece to complete the medal on Thanksgiving after you complete the half!

ATC Recovery KitEach runner was also gifted these awesome “Fitful Recovery” snack boxes courtesy of the Atlanta Track Club! I couldn’t eat right after the run, but a little while later I started snacking on the goodness!

Following a long shower, brunch at Cracker Barrel {where I inhaled my food}, and some more apartment hunting, we headed back out to Paul’s house to get ready for our second wedding of the weekend!

This wedding was between Paul’s friend Omar and his now-bride Jennifer. Their nighttime wedding gave a whole new meaning to the word elegant. I was completely blown away by this classy wedding!


Candy bar

At this wedding, the bride and groom recited handwritten vows to each other. Every guest had teared up, including myself. The love between these two was so apparent.

They also had a candy bar… totally up my alley!! I thought it was so appropriate considering it was held the weekend before Halloween. {Don’t mind my awkward right arm trying to keep hold of my clutch slipping out from under my grip} I think even without the picture, you would know that I absolutely took part in that!


And that was my weekend! A crazy beautiful mess and perfect example of what dreams are made of. Love, passion, and the journey in between.


  • Have you ever been to two weddings in the same weekend?
  • Do you enjoy searching for a place to live or dread it? Please share!

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