Weekends are for Relaxing?

Following the trend of just about every other weekend in my life lately, this past one was crazy busy! Wouldn’t expect anything less from me, would you?


Halloween was pretty uneventful for Paul and I. For the past several years I’ve wanted an occasion to have an awesome costume… and that has yet to happen. There’s always next year?

What I did do was dress up Daphne and Teddy and take them on a little doggy trick-or-treat walk! {I was totally tempted to ring doorbells with them… but I refrained.}

Teddy the spider and Daphne the ladybug

Teddy the spider and Daphne the ladybug

Perfect occasion for glowing eyes

Perfect occasion for glowing eyes

We then got back to my house and to no trick-or-treaters. My neighborhood is the lamest. I was also rather disgusted by the few groups that we did see. The majority of kids were either in golf carts, cars, or truck-pulled wagons. What happened to walking from door to door?!? No wonder obesity is at an all time high in the USA…


My Saturday started the same way they have since August… run in Atlanta! We knocked out 11 miles on the coldest day of fall thus far. The wind was brutal, but I was thrilled that we finally had a brisk fall morning! Love it!

Post-run Starbucks

Post-run Starbucks

After our run, Jade and I found ourselves sipping on warm drinks at Starbucks. I’m sure it didn’t do much in the way of post-run nourishment, but it sure tasted great! Not to mention it felt wonderful warming our cold selves up.

Once I got home and showered off, Paul and I drove over to our top choice apartment complex to turn in some paperwork and take measurements. We even got a cute Halloween-themed goody bag on our way out!

Sugar... the way to my heart

Sugar… the way to my heart

On top of all the excitement, it was cool enough to wear boots without feeling ridiculous. It’s the little things!

I adore my Frye boots and lace boot socks

I adore my Frye boots and lace boot socks

The rest of the day was filled with couch shopping! We drove all around town looking for a “screaming-deal” {as my dad would say} on a couch. Nothing caught our attention, but at least we now know where not to look! I never knew finding a couch would be so difficult.


We started the day with walking the dogs. Nothing shocking there!

Teddy walk

Teddy is showing off her tummy because she was fixed last week. It’s healing well and she’s completely back to normal! That girl loves her walks 🙂

On Sunday, we had a lot more shopping on the agenda! After our couch bust from the day before, I wasn’t feeling particularly enthusiastic on the couch front. The options for an embarrassingly low price point seem to be quite limited. We will find something though!

Sunday was a success as far as finding other odds and ends we need for our apartment! Here’s a little peek at our purchases:

Apartment shopping

Above you will see: Brita pitcher, tumbler cups, comforter set, throw pillows, wall art, utensil tray, ceramic knife, bamboo cutting board, Thanksgiving kitchen towel {had to}, shower caddy, shower curtain, curtain rings, a matchlight, a set of six steak knives and holding block, and two items that hopped into our cart… peppermint hot chocolate and salted caramel hazelnut spread. Not sure how those got in there…

These items came from Steinmart, Tuesday Morning, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target. We went a couple other places, but didn’t find anything we needed! We still have a long way to go, but we’ve made some progress!

Today we also had some good news… we were officially approved for the apartment! We may have little to no large furniture, but we are moving out of our parents’ houses and that is good enough for me. About time!

Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed that extra hour of sleep!


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