Go Big Orange

Hello, hello!


So far this week, I have gone to the gym before work both Monday and today. With the sub-25 degree temperatures outside, I consider this a major victory! Staying in my warm bed is all too tempting…

On Monday I did a quick 3.25 mile run on a treadmill and jammed out to Taylor Swift’s 1989 cd. That definitely got me going at 5:30 am! This morning I made my way to BodyPump for the first time in a couple of weeks {moving totally messed with my schedule!} and can already feel the soreness setting in. Man, I love that class!

While I know a detailed recap of my workouts would be super-scintillating {or not so much}, I’m going to focus on the fun weekend I just came off of!


This weekend Paul and I took a mini-road trip to Knoxville, TN! Paul is a big-time University of Tennessee fan {he attended UT for 3 years} and has been talking about the magical atmosphere of Neyland Stadium since we met. We finally had the opportunity to go to a home Vol football game together, thanks to my incredibly generous neighbors. Although I’m not a huge college football fan, I was excited to go to experience this renowned stadium! {Fifth largest in the country holding 102,455 fans}

I wanted to take in everything possible, starting with the players walking in.


We found an unoccupied spot and people-watched in a living sea of orange for the players to make their grand entrance. I found it humorous seeing them all in suits. For some reason, it made me laugh imagining them actually playing in their dress clothes!


Despite the cold weather, it really was a gorgeous sunny day!

Next on the agenda was wait for the band to march through. We people-watched some more {seriously one of my favorite activities} until we heard the tell-tale sounds of a band!

IMG_7567 IMG_7569

After the talented band did their thing and blasted out some “Rocky Top,” we walked back to the car to grab the blankets we packed! It was a good use of 45 minutes as we made it back with perfect timing to grab some Petro’s to eat and find our seats before kickoff.

Chilly night calls for a puffy jacket!

Chilly night calls for a puffy jacket!

As most of you probably know, Tennessee completely dominated the University of Kentucky and we had fun cheering during the victorious game!

Neyland Stadium panaromaHere is a panoramic picture I took with my iPhone. Perfect fall evening!

UT cheerThe entire game I was fascinated by the cheerleaders. Paul and I were trying to figure out the whole time if they were actually in college or not. I swear they looked like they are 15 years old. What do you think? Other people around us mentioned this as well, so I know it’s just not me feeling old! Maybe it was the freshman team? The dance team looked like they were in college though. So strange.


That was the game! We celebrated at Outback later that night with a drink and Blooming Onion… such party animals 😉

On Sunday we made the rainy drive back to Georgia. Paul promised me we could stop at an outlet mall quickly and we did! I only went into Loft Outlet because that’s my favorite. I got some amazing deals… go check it out if there’s one near you! I got a $39.99 blouse for $4.88! Wow!

Now you’re all caught up!


  • Do you like college football? What’s your favorite stadium you’ve been to?
  • Any good shopping deals out there lately? Do share!

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