My 25th Birthday Celebration

Well, hi there strangers!

To say this time of year is busy would be a huge understatement! I’m sure everyone can relate to me there!

This past weekend, I celebrated my 25th birthday! A whole quarter of a century. Whattttttt!?!


To kick off my birthday weekend {the big day was Saturday}, a couple of my friends, my mom, my sister kayla, and I met up in Atlanta and participated in a BYOB painting class on Friday night! Except… we noticed online that the policy had changed and it was no longer BYOB. We decided to follow the rules and come empty-handed. It seems as though we were the only group aware, as there were wine bottles galore when we arrived! Then, nobody ended up getting in trouble for having their beverages because the rule was so new. Oh well!

We still had a blast painting though! An art teacher took the class though a step-by-step lesson on painting a bridge scene in San Francisco. We chatted and painted for a solid 3 hours and came out with our own personal masterpieces!

Dip n Dab

Dip n Dab


Saturday morning, I began with one of my favorite things… any guesses? Bodypump! I had requested my favorite lunge track and was able to shadow alongside the instructor. Not going to lie, the class kicked my butt! I’m still sore several days later! We pushed ourselves to the max- embrace the burn 🙂

When I returned to the apartment, Paul cooked me a delicious birthday breakfast complete with eggs, bacon, and an English muffin. Yum. I showered and got ready because we were going to the zoo! {And yes, I realize this was my 25th birthday and not 8th… but I love animals and aren’t you supposed to do whatever you want on your birthday?}

But first, we made a pit-stop at Starbucks so I could pick up my birthday reward! I treated myself to a grande peppermint white hot chocolate. It’s pretty much heaven on earth.



I have only visited Zoo Atlanta one other time six years ago. Needless to say, it was long overdue!

The day was overcast and crisp. It turned out to be absolutely perfect because the forecast calling for rain probably scared a lot of people away, plus it was the last Saturday before Christmas. We practically had the place to ourselves! Yippeee!

Here are a few highlights:

Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta flamingos


Parakeet house



IMG_7818 IMG_7832 IMG_7840


If you know me at all, you know that my favorite type of food is without a doubt Mexican. My parents and all siblings but one {who is not home yet} took me out for Mexican food!

I think you know there had to be a sombrero involved. {And holy moly was that thing heavy!}


The whole gang!


Paul and I ❤


IMG_7845 Birthday sopapillas

Cake, ice cream, and presents at home followed! I cannot even begin to express how darn excited I am because my parents got me a Kitchen Aid stand mixer! I have literally wanted one for 15 years! Eeeeeeeeeeeek! They’re the BEST!

Best. Gift. Ever.

Best. Gift. Ever.

I definitely had to try it out on Sunday. It was everything I ever wanted and more! Such a beauty!

The weekend ended a little somethin’ somthin’ like this…



A fire, watching Elf, baking cookies, and spending time with Paul and my fur babies! I couldn’t have asked for anything more!


  • Is there a gift that you’ve wanted for a really long time? What is it?
  • What is your favorite animal at the zoo? Mine are lemurs {!!!!} and otters!

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