Celebrating Mother’s {A Belated Edition}

Hi there!

I’m coming at you today with yet another belated post… such is life.

As everyone knows, last weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day here in the good old US of A! While I was truthfully annoyed at receiving zero recognition for being the pet mother of 4 {Paul and I do not see eye to eye on this matter, clearly}, I was more than up for celebrating my own mom! For anyone who does not know, I am the oldest of seven kids. All born to the same parents, who are still together! Not only that, but there is me, then triplets, then twins, and then one more single to finish us out. So… needless to say my parents are kind of rockstars. {Also, no fertility drugs were used… so I am terrified I will someday have septuplets :O}

We were all able to come together, except for one brother, to celebrate Mother’s Day this year! That in itself is a huge feat considering not everyone lives in the same house these days!

Together for Mother's Day

Together for Mother’s Day

On the top from from left to right we have Kevin, Alex, my dad, Kayla, and Kyle. Along the bottom, there is Maegan {Kevin’s finacee}, my mom, Thomas, me, and Paul {my boyfriend}. Greg was the only one missing in action this year!

We had steak, potatoes, and roasted green beans for dinner: a Freund classic! My dad seasoned, tenderized, and grilled the steaks to a mouth-watering perfection. I must have said “This is amazing” at least 5 times!

Steak dinner

Steak dinner

After our bellies were full, we stepped outside to take a family photo. Thankful a neighbor stopped by to snap it for us! Then, because we are us, we began taking pictures of the goldendoodles.


Lola and Mom… the two mothers!


Mr. Bentley and Mom

I think my mom loves Bentley more than all of her human children combined…. and that’s the truth 😉


Mom and I


Paul & I


My gorgeous girl


Thomas with Daphne

That about sums it up! It was a nice low-key evening relaxing with family.


  • Have you ever celebrated being a “pet mom?”
  • Any meal your whole family loves? It’s steak for us!

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