First Week in Worcester, Mass.

Hello, hello!

It’s been exactly one week since we officially moved into our apartment in Worcester, Massachusetts. Where did the time go?! Probably into the unpacking/shopping for odds and ends vortex! I swear, no matter how much I unpack, there are still mountains of boxes left. I think someone is playing a trick on me 😉

Here is a quick recap of some of the major stuff that’s been happening around here lately!


Confession: I never want to make the drive from Georgia to Massachusetts ever again. With two dogs and a cat, it was not an easy one! Many “potty breaks” were taken… and a lot of time was added to the drive because of them! In my car, I had Teddy and Bailey. Paul took little Graham with him in the moving truck. All of the animals were champions and did so well!

Goldendoodle puppy

Graham’s first time in SC

SC rest stop

Welcome to South Carolina

I originally wanted to stop and take a picture in every state we go through. That didn’t last very long… but more on that later! I got the first few though!

Doodles and I in North Carolina

Doodles and I in North Carolina

After 7 or so hours of driving, plus time for stops and lunch {which adds up to be over 10 hours somehow}, we made it to one of my favorites states- Virginia! Driving through the Fancy Gap area in the Blue Ridge mountains will always bring a level of excitement to me. I have made the drive countless times on my way to Radford and it’s simply gorgeous. It used to be the “Okay! I’m in the home stretch!” feeling and I think that will never go away. Virginia, you are such a beautiful place.

Virginia is for Lovers <3

Virginia is for Lovers ❤

After this stop, we ended up driving diagonally through Virginia from base to tip. I thought I was never going to leave the state! When you’ve been driving all day and it’s getting late… 4 hours in one state can seem like forever! I ended up losing Paul along the way and drove through West Virginia, Maryland, and part of Pennsylvania myself until I reached our destination for the evening: Grammie and Poppop’s house! My brother Kevin, who was gracious enough to help us out on the move, had already gotten there 3 hours before I did. Just goes to show you how much time is added stopping for animals!IMG_0889IMG_0890

We spent all of Monday in Pennsylvania resting and relaxing with Grammie and Poppop. It was so nice to spend time with them 🙂 The three weary travelers were sure glad to get a full day’s rest in… especially since we were driving until the wee hours of the morning. {Except Kevin… still jealous} Grammie cooked for us like we were kings and queens. We left on Tuesday morning with full bellies and a happy heart.

The drive from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts is considerably shorter. I was definitely glad to have already done the bulk of the drive! Only 4.5 hours separated us from our new home!

I had told Paul and Kevin before we left that there are two routes that take the same amount of time, but one goes through New York City and the other doesn’t. Let’s take the route that doesn’t go through NYC to make it easier.

Thanks to a GPS flaw, guess who ended up driving through the heart of NYC? Oh yes, that would be yours truly! Paul an Kevin followed my advice and didn’t have to deal with this mess. Lucky them!

The good news is that traffic was fairly slow moving thanks to some construction work, and I was able to snap a few photos.

IMG_0901 IMG_0902

I was lead over the George Washington bridge {for a cool $14… highway robbery!} and through Manhattan.


Lesson learned, New York. Lesson learned.

Finally, I reached the sign I had been waiting to see…


{Excuse my quick drive-by blurry photo.}

We made it!


The dogs have been adapting pretty well so far! The one big thing initially was that we don’t have central air in our apartment. For someone who prefers to keep her room temperature around 65 degrees {and that might be generous… I’d love to sleep in an igloo} this was not acceptable. The dogs were panting for two days straight and several box fans and a tower fan did little to provide them {and us!} with relief. Needless to say, we are now proud owners of an air conditioning unit so we can all sleep in peace. Hallelujah!

Goldendoodle puppy 10 weeks

Graham checking out the floor

Boy, does this puppy love to snuggle!

Boy, does this puppy love to snuggle!

Is it time for a treat?

Is it time for a treat?

I’ve been taking them on at least one long walk and several short walks per day. They love getting outside and being active! Dogs after my own heart! It’s been great to explore the neighborhood and some city hiking trails as well 🙂

Walk time!

Walk time!

Sleepy baby

Sleepy baby


I love this picture because it shows how much Teddy and Graham play with each other. It also shows the Teddy is teaching him how to “doodle.” Step 1. Look adorable…


The humans have been doing some exploring of our own as well! We have discovered a couple delicious treats already…

Gourmet Doughnuts

Vanilla cream filled and blueberry cake doughnuts

These were the two best doughnuts I have ever had. We just happened to drive past a doughnut shop while returning the moving truck. The line of cars wrapped around the building and filling every space in the parking lot was a good indicator of a local favorite!

ice cream

Rota Spring Farm ice cream cone

After a recommendation from our realtor’s husband, we made it out to Rota Spring Farm. They have homemade ice cream as well as a country store selling their own fresh produce and meat. We indulged in ice cream {of course} and then headed inside to fill a bag up with some of the best looking vegetables I’ve ever seen! So, so good. I’ve missed New England ice cream! Nobody else seems to do it as well.

Shameless selfie because everyone around us was eating ice cream

Shameless selfie because everyone around us was eating ice cream

Sweet bakery

Cupcakes in Boston

We made our way into Boston on Sunday afternoon so Paul could feel out his way to work for Monday. We went into this cupcake shop that was adorable! Also, see the little cup of frosting? They have “shots of frosting” on their menu in addition to cupcakes. I had to get one simply for the novelty of it!  My cupcake {vanilla} was amazing, by the way.

Aside from sweets, I was pretty excited yesterday because I went to buy food for dinner at Trader Joe’s. I have never lived less than an hour away from a Trader Joe’s and the thought of actually going there to do some grocery shopping made me way more happy than it probably should have. But, hey! It’s the little things!



IMG_0921So far, we are both still happy we made the decision to move here. Worcester itself seems a bit run-down, but that is probably because we are both used to living in shiny suburbs where everything is brand new. Also, I’ve never lived in an actual city before. The neighbors we have met so far have all been very nice and welcoming! I joined a gym today {YAYYYY!} and with each passing day it’s starting to feel more and more like home… even if we never get our boxes unpacked and I never learn these crazy streets 😉 Paul has started his job this week and I begin school next week. Everything is coming together! I look forward to all of the adventures that are awaiting us.


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