Life Lately

Hello, there!

I’m taking a quick homework break to post some pictures from the past few weeks. School really took off and I don’t think I’ve ever had this much homework before, but it’s okay because I really do love my school. It will all be worth it! Without further ado, here is a little peak into my life lately… it’s mostly pets {as usual} because they’re my life.

Bailey hiding in pillows

Graham won’t be able to find me here!


First Tennessee game. Our Internet went out during the middle… we have a new Internet set-up now.


Graham dancing on a morning walk in the park!

Kristi Teddy smiling

We’re going “bye bye!”


Dental Hygiene Christmas! Getting our instruments 🙂


Graham and Paul: man time


Shrewsbury St. College Shuffle goodies


Shrewsbury St. College Shuffle goodies {this was AMAZING}

Paul and I

Boxed water

Boxed water. Has anyone ever seen this before? It was new to us!

Me & Paul jerseys

First Seahawks game

goldendoodle puppy

Graham 14 weeks


Friendly’s date!


Studying for my first two exams {that were in the same day… so mean}

Teddy & Graham

My babies


Bailey found another hiding spot!

Me, Teddy, and Graham

Outside on a gorgeous day

The end.


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