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I am a 25 year-old living in Worcester, MA. {I moved here for school, as I currently attend MCPHS} I love to get a good workout in 5-6 days per week and am an avid baker! I believe that my two “conflicting” passions balance each other out and lead me to a well-balanced life.

My friends think of me as a crazy cat lady. I’m not so sure about the crazy part, but I can’t help but adore my cats. They’re too cute not to! It’s no surprise that the Internet is saturated with cat videos! Despite common belief regarding so-called “cat people”, I also love {big} dogs. I have two goldendoodles and they’re my world. Their names are Teddy and Graham. Teddy is one and Graham is still a baby. They make me laugh every single day and I can’t imagine my life without them!



I graduated Cum Laude from Radford University in 2012. I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry. For the majority of my time at RU, I was a student-athlete and member of their swim team. I made the tough decision to stop swimming when my grades were gradually slipping due to my inability to stay awake in class (waking up at 4am has that effect). As someone who has always been “nerdy,” I am still glad I made the decision to focus on school at such a crucial time.



My ultimate goal is to be a “dental therapist.” This is essentially a PA {physician assistant} for a dentist; a midlevel provider for the dental world. The main problem with my goal is that this is only a recognized position in 3 states in the United States. It is on the table for several more states and I am confident that states will begin to realize what a valuable professional this is, as it will relieve some of the access to dental care issues that are plaguing this nation. In the meantime, I am studying to be a dental hygienist to enter the field I love!


I have been dating my boyfriend, Paul, for nearly three years now. He has most certainly seen me at my worst and never fails to bring out my best. We met through a mutual friend and are forever indebted to her! He is an engineer and recent Georgia Tech grad. I can honestly say that I don’t know where I would be without him.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Kristi, you have done a wonderful job of capturing your essence on here. I look forward to all of your anecdotes & outtakes. Big hugs – Lisa Waelchli

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